The Horse’s Mouth 7: “Why? Are You Getting Fired?”

The Horse’s Mouth is an ongoing underline with a collection of a some-more head-scratching comments and/or crazy conversations we’ve had with people in a industry. We suspicion we’d share them with you. Happy holidays:

REPORTER: So we are going to have to write off $100M from this dog of a movie.
Yes, though is there any approach we can put in a essay that we’re really unapproachable to work with a executive and that a film is an superb feat for him?

“This competence indeed be a worse thought for a film than Human Centipede.” — Commenter on Clint Eastwood’s subsequent film, Sully


“Honestly, my initial instinct was that we was disturbed about Amy. we had someone call her and ask if she was OK.” — Angelina Jolie Pitt in a New York Times, when asked about a Sony hack


REPORTER: Can we ask (your boss) to call me?
ASSISTANT: Sure, though can we email her?
REPORTER: To ask her to call me?
REPORTER: Why? Are we removing fired?


COMMENTER 1: “Very, really disappointing. I’m not certain we can move myself to go to The Scorch Trials if they don’t apologize and lapse a artifacts.”
COMMENTER 2: “You’d improved precipitate adult and not move yourself to go flattering shortly while we have a possibility — a film has been out for 3 weeks.”