The Good Wife Recap 2/21/16: Season 7 Episode 15 “Targets”

The Good Wife Recap 2/21/16: Season 7 Episode 15 Targets

Tonight on CBS The Good Wife starring Julianna Margulies continues with an all new Sunday Feb 21 deteriorate 7 part 15 called, “Targets” and we have your weekly summation below. On tonight’s episode, Alicia (Julianna Margulies) joins a tip row of attorneys advising a U.S. supervision on a argumentative case.

On a final episode, Alicia had difficulty adjusting when she returned to work during Lockhart, Agos and Lee with Lucca. Their initial case, involving a tip new mechanism tablet, caused a difference within a firm. Did we watch a final episode? If we missed it, we have a full and minute summation right here for you.

On tonight’s part as per a CBS synopsis, “Alicia joins a tip row of attorneys advising a U.S. supervision on a argumentative case. Meanwhile, Eli hires Elsbeth Tascioni to expose given a FBI is targeting Peter.”

Tonight’s deteriorate 7 part 15 looks like it is going to be good and we’ll be updating it for we commencement 9:00 PM EST. In a meantime, sound off your comments and subsequent and tell us how most we are enjoying this seventh season.

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Tonight’s part of The Good Wife kicks off with Alicia Florrick being picked adult by a private automobile – a motorist is in uniform and introduces himself as Sgt. McQueen. Alicia’s dungeon phone goes off, Sgt. McQueen gives her accede to answer it – Eli is on a line, and panicking, apparently a FBI is doubt Peter and an Agent named Deveraux is “out for blood.”

At a law organisation Diane, Cary, and David Lee are posing for a photoshoot for an essay in ABA Magazine. David Lee is removing angry given a photographer is usually perplexing to take photos of a women during a firm. Cary asks Diane what a essay is about – he doesn’t know given they are usually holding photos of a womanlike partners. Diane tells him not to worry about it – it’s not that serious, it’s usually a angle. Cary heads downstairs to doubt Alicia about a article, yet she is out, instead he stops and asks Lucca out for a lunch date.

Alicia arrives during her super tip end – Alicia is operative as a municipal confidant for a United States Department of Justice. The President has asked for their assistance on a case, an ISIS member named Tahan has been recruiting members on amicable media. They have located Tahan, and it is Alicia and a other advisor’s pursuit to find authorised justification for a US Army to kill Tahan – and get divided with it.

David Lee calls Jason Crouse in to his bureau for a private meeting, he wants to sinecure Jason personally to examine Diane. David is frightened that Diane is perplexing to make a organisation an “all womanlike firm” – he wants to compensate Jason to find out what Diane and Alicia are adult to and either or not they are perplexing to reject a guys. Jason takes a pursuit yet any questions.

Eli has hired a quirky counsel Elsbeth to try and figure out given a FBI is doubt Peter. She meets with Peter and Eli and starts doubt a Governor – Peter insists he has no thought what a FBI wants. Eli scolds Peter and tells him that he needs to be honest with Elsbeth if he wants her help. Meanwhile, Agent Deveraux is removing closer to Peter, Deveraux wants a assembly with his secretary Nora.

Meanwhile, Alicia and a advisors are carrying a tough time voting on either or not Tahan should be placed on a “kill list.” It turns out, he was innate and lifted in CHicago – he usually converted to Isis after he changed to Syria dual years ago. And, technically he hasn’t killed anyone, he usually recruits other people to act out his militant plots.

At Peter’s bureau Nora reports all Deveraux pronounced to her to Peter and Elsbeth. Peter finally comes purify and tells Elsbeth that a FBI competence be meddlesome in Judge Schakowsky and a teenager opinion paraphernalia occurrence that came adult when Alicia was using for office.

Diane is on to David Lee – she questions Jason and wants to know given he is employing him. Jason tells Diane it is private. She warns Jason not to feed in to David’s paranoia. Meanwhile on Cary and Lucca’s lunch date he quizzes Lucca and asks her if Alicia and Diane are perplexing to make a organisation ran all by women. Lucca calls Alicia to try and advise her – yet Alicia is still during her super tip meeting, she’s arguing that given Tahan is technically an American citizen, they have to put him on trial, he still has rights. The army can’t usually swoop in and kill him.

The residence decides to reassemble tomorrow given they still haven’t come to a decision. Alicia heads to her bureau even yet it is late during night, Jason is still there. Jason quizzes her about David Lee’s suspicions – Alicia reveals that Diane wanted to start an all women organisation about a year ago. Talk turns to Alicia’s celebration habit, Jason takes divided her drink and teaches her how to meditate. Meditation turns to bureau sex.

Elsbeth meets with Eli’s daughter – who also was interviewed by Agent Deveraux. In a core of interviewing Elis daughter and articulate about a purse business that she wants to start – Elsbeth jumps adult and announces that she can’t work for Peter any some-more and runs out of a door. Eli chases after her and final to know given she is quitting. Elsbeth says that she can’t contend – yet gives Eli a business label of her ex’s, his name is Michael.

Alicia heads to a residence assembly a subsequent day – she is astounded to see that Captain Hicks was discharged from their panel. Ironically, Hicks was also arguing that Tahan couldn’t be killed and deserved a trial. Alicia final to know given Hicks is gone. They give her a BS forgive about a probable confidentiality leak.

Eli and Peter accommodate with Elsbeth’s ex Michael – who is usually as weird and quirky as she is. Michael is certain that a FBI is not doubt Peter over drug-rigging. Whatever they are doubt Peter for, Elsbeth figured it out, and it is a dispute of seductiveness with one of her clients. But, they need to know who a customer is to figure out given they are being investigated. Michael and Eli conduct down to a justice residence to get Elsbeth’s customer list – yet Elsbeth kick them to a punch and got a clients’ name private from a list.

Meanwhile, those nerdy guys during a call core that tapped Alicia’s phone for a supervision when her customer fled to Iceland – are apparently still listening in on her phone for entertainment. They have a mic on her phone – and have been listening in on her residence meetings with a Pentagon. They know all about Tahan, and a whole bureau has been listening to her live feeds and following a play in her life like a soap opera. It looks like Alicia is a trusted trickle – and she doesn’t even comprehend it.

Michael and Eli set a trap for Elsbeth and she leads them right to her customer that she is perplexing to protect. Eli knows him, it’s a really abounding male named Lloyd Garber – who happened to be a vital donor is Peter’s campaign. Not usually is a FBI going after Peter, yet they are also going after his element donor.

Alicia heads behind to work during a organisation – Lucca isn’t happy there, she hates all of a play and unctuous around that a partners are doing. Jason joked that Alicia was blank out on a “gender war.” Alicia closes her bureau doorway after Lucca leaves and wants to know given Jason has abandoned her phone calls ever given they had sex. Jason explains that it is difficult – he doesn’t like not meaningful where he stands given she is married to Peter. Alicia swears Peter is fine with her sleeping with other group – she guilts Jason in to entrance over to her residence after work, given he helps confuse her from drinking.

Tonight’s part ends with one of a nerdy tech guys being dragged out of his apartment by confidence – apparently he listened something he wasn’t ostensible to hear on Alicia’s phone tap.