The gamers anticipating to win a Overwatch World Cup

ChrisTfer. Smex. Kruise. MikeyA. Realzx. Boombox.

Remember a names since these are a 6 gamers anticipating to win a 2017 Overwatch World Cup for Team UK this weekend.

“I consider we can unequivocally make it to a finals,” says manager Elliot Hayes. “Sweden first, should be a tough diversion though they’re beatable.”

They go into a video diversion contest in California with a assured swagger, carrying won all 15 of their organisation theatre matches.

“I don’t consider people suspicion we’d do good during a qualifying,” says Mikey B, whose favourite is called Tracer. “We showed that we are indeed a good team.”

Team UK after winning a match

Overwatch is one of a many renouned video games in a world. Released in 2016, a diversion has some-more than 35 millon players.

The World Cup is critical business. Team UK has spent several hours a day practising.

Coach Elliot reviews a footage and coordinates group strategies.

“I’m assisting away with a players,” he says. “If we consider there’s something improved they could be doing, afterwards I’ll advise it.

“Similar to a football coach, I’m fundamentally only perplexing to assistance a players improve.”

And urge they have. They go into a contest as some people’s dim horse.

Flags of countries in a Overwatch universe cup

“The UK have a unequivocally good choice this year,” says YouTuber Hammeh. “Some of a players have been personification high turn Overwatch for a integrate of years.”

But whoever gets to a final, they’ll expected have to face a feared South Korea group who won final year’s title.

“Everyone has their eyes on South Korea and that is a categorical target,” says Mikey. “We’re not unaware Sweden or Canada though we’re assured we can kick them.”

Team UK

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch is a team-based initial chairman shooter.

Each side has 6 players fighting to finish objectives and better a opposition. There are 25 opposite heroes, all with their possess behind story and singular character of play.

Its new e-sport joining will start in Jan with teams formed in opposite vital cities. Some have estimated that it could eventually turn some-more essential than a Premier League.

“The biggest reason since it’s turn so renouned is since it’s unequivocally easy to only burst in, have fun with your friends and understand,” says former veteran aspirant and pennon QueenE.

But for now it’s a World Cup that Overwatch fans and players comparison are concentrating on.

“I’m unequivocally unapproachable to paint a UK. As shortly as they announced a World Cup, we knew we unequivocally wanted to be there,” says Mikey.

“We’re gonna take it unequivocally seriously. We unequivocally wish to win this thing. Not only for us though for a UK.”