The Fosters Features A Transgender Romance And It’s About Damn Time!

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This is so required in today’s world!

On Tuesday’s part of The Fosters, Aaron — a transgender law tyro played by genuine trans actor Elliot Fletcher (above) — and Callie (Maia Mitchell) are strictly a couple!

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This outlines a initial time a lead womanlike impression of a teen play has joined adult with someone transgender.

Maia told that this attribute is “breaking down barriers” per trans illustration in a media. She said:

“[The episode] touches on a lot of things for trans kids, generally a attribute between Callie and Aaron. It’s unequivocally critical that we do see a heroine womanlike of a uncover in a attribute with a trans man… we consider it’s violation down barriers. we don’t consider I’ve seen that, generally not on a uncover with a demographic. It’s a unequivocally critical emanate and it’s going to pronounce to a lot of people, quite a trans community. I’m unequivocally unapproachable of it.”

When a dual characters became official, fans couldn’t enclose their excitement! As seen on Twitter:

Bravo, Freeform!

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