‘The Force Awakens’ With $517M Worldwide Weekend; No. 2 All-Time Global Bow

5TH UPDATE, SUNDAY AM PT: After commencement offshore rollout on Wednesday, Star Wars: The Force Awakens zoomed to a $279M general debut. Along with Disney’s record-smashing $238M domestic opening, a worldwide weekend tallied an estimated $517M. That’s a second time in story a film has non-stop to over $500M during a tellurian box bureau and is a No. 2 best measure ever, behing this summer’s Jurassic World. The offshore sum puts SWTFA in 3rd place on a general charts for biggest opening weekend, descending in line behind Jurassic World ($316.1M including $96M from China) and Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 2 ($314M summer release). The numbers on SWTFA are towering and set new annals for tip opening weekend ever in such pivotal territories as a UK, Germany, Australia, and Russia. MORE

4TH UPDATE, SATURDAY AM PT: After adding Spain and Japan on Friday, Star Wars: The Force Awakens now has an general cume estimated during $129.5M. Coupled with domestic, that brings a organisation of a Millennium Falcon to a vast $250M worldwide in only a initial 3 days of play. The Friday was value $56.8M offshore — a nick down from Jurassic World‘s initial Friday of $60M this summer. But, a dual films are now neck-and-neck during a same indicate in their runs with JW carrying stomped on $130M abroad by a initial Friday. And that film had China, going on to sum only over $316M for a entrance frame. Initial estimates on a general entrance weekend for a Resistance and a First Order ranged anywhere from $250M-$315M forward of a release. Some attention sources are now suggesting upwards of $320M.

tokyo fans star warsThe tip 5 ex-U.S. plays so distant are a UK ($24.7M), Germany ($12.7M), France ($11.1M), Australia ($10.4M) and Mexico ($5.7M). Japan grossed $3M on Friday and Spain picked adult $3.5M. In Japan, a shows didn’t start until 6:30PM local, though they kick a prior Friday record-setter, Pirates Of The Caribbean 3, that started a run during 9AM. China won’t feel The Force until Jan 9 (the other dual markets still to open are Greece and India on Dec 24).

The film has non-stop No. 1 everywhere, solely Korea where it is using only behind internal pretension The Himalayas. That pic bent Wednesday given SWTFA debuted Thursday. The films on Saturday were really tighten in terms of marketplace share with Himalayas during 36.13% and SW during 34.87%.

Along with a annals below, we can now supplement Hungary and Iceland to a list of territories that saw their biggest singular day of all time with BB-8 and pals; and Poland and Hungary as terrs that gave SWTFA a biggest ever opening day. Also, Disney can now explain a best opening ever in Serbia, as good as a markets cited yesterday below. Spain, Russia and Vietnam are serve among a territories that had their biggest Dec openings ever.

3RD UPDATE, FRIDAY 8:45 AM PT, modernise for latest…: Star Wars: The Force Awakens has non-stop No. 1 in 44 abroad territories sum on Wednesday and Thursday. After an initial crawl on Wednesday of $14.1M, a cume with Thursday enclosed is now $72.7M. That brings a tellurian sum nearby $130M with Thursday domestic previews estimated during $57M.

Going on a $14.1M guess in 12 markets from Wednesday, Star Wars added $58.6M on Thursday with an additional 32 markets in a mix. Of those, a UK was vast with an updated $14.4M on Day 1. Records continue to be strike by an asteroid field. They now embody a biggest singular day of all time in a UK/Ireland, Germany, Norway and Sweden. Plus, a best initial day ever in a UK/Ireland, Germany, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, French-speaking Switzerland, Austria, Ukraine, Slovakia, Croatia, Iceland, Serbia, Chile, and Peru. (Wow, that kind of felt like a Kessel run.)

Again looking to Jurassic World as a comp, a 2nd day (a Thursday in June), picked adult $41.6M. That was in 45 markets including China. Star Wars does not strike a Middle Kingdom until Jan 9. JW’s cume by a finish of a Thursday internationally was $65.6M including previews.

As for other annals beaten by Han, Rey, Finn, Poe, BB-8 and — OK — Kylo Ren, here we go: This is a biggest Disney opening of all time in France, Denmark, South Africa, Czech Republic, and Turkey; and a biggest Dec opening day in France, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. Those final markets will be engaging to watch given they’re not as informed with a authorization and some have likely underperformance there. At a same time, we’re conference increasing predictions altogether for a opening weekend globally.

Imax, for a vast format part, set annals in a UK/Ireland, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Austria, Turkey, Portugal, Qatar, UAE, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, Chile, Costa Rica, and Trinidad.

PREVIOUS, FRIDAY 4:30 AM PT: After holding $14.1M on a opening day in 12 markets on Wednesday, The Force Awakens went into light speed in a UK on Thursday with an estimated £9.6M — that’s $14.3M in one day and one marketplace alone. This beats all prior comers to post a biggest opening day of all time in Britain, and a biggest singular day in internal attention history. Midnight showings were value £2.4M ($3.6M), blustering all records. Putting this in some perspective, Spectre recently bent to $6.4M in Monday previews, after starting showings during 8:15 PM local. Its initial full day in late Oct was a Tuesday and banked $9.2M. The top-grossing film ever in a UK, Skyfall, had a Friday opening day of £6.2M in 2012.

As recently as early this week, we were conference predictions of a £31M ($46.3M) SWTFA entrance UK frame, though internal sources have upped that to a operation of £34M-£43M ($50.8M-$64.2M). Spectre‘s FSS was £20.4M ($31.2M); Skyfall‘s was £20.1M ($31M in today’s dollars).

The Force Awakens pennyless pre-sales annals a prolonged time ago in a UK universe with some-more than 200K in a initial 24 hours. Disney reports that exhibitors ceaselessly combined screens to accommodate direct that resulted in a sum of 2M reservations forward of a release. There are still walk-up ducats accessible this weekend, a attention has been clever to report. Along with a UK, and among others, Germany, Australia, Russia, Korea, Brazil and Mexico non-stop Thursday. Japan and Spain entrance today. We’ll be behind with some-more numbers.

PREVIOUS, THURSDAY, 11:55 AM PT: Star Wars: The Force Awakens opened in 12 unfamiliar markets on Wednesday, blustering a approach to No. 1 in any with a common $14.1M. While domestic B.O. analysts’ varying projections pinpoint Star Wars‘ first weekend between $180M-$220M during 4,134 theaters (the widest recover ever in December), abroad analysts have a identical spread, saying a unfamiliar opening between $250M all a approach adult to Jurassic World‘s general entrance record of $316.1M.

Previews in a U.S. start tonight during 7 PM, and many of a city is already betting a record of $50M, outstripping Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 2‘s midnight preview moolah of $43.5M. At this indicate in time, domestic presales are projected during $100M for a JJ Abrams film. Anything over $208.8M this weekend in a U.S. and Canada beats a all-time entrance record set by Jurassic World in June.

As for Wednesday, France chalked adult $5.2M creation it a biggest opening day ever in December, some-more than doubling a initial day of Avengers and roughly double a initial day of Jurassic World. The internal French attention runs a charts in terms of admissions rather than euro or dollar figures. Using that standard, The Force Awakens had a second best opening of 2015 with 619,200 tickets sole compared to No. 1 Spectre’s 850,297 — that was on a holiday Wednesday, when relatives and kids both had a day off (previews were enclosed in a admissions tally). In dollars, Rey, Finn, Poe BB-8 took $5.2M on Wednesday with no previews. Spectre’s Wednesday take was $4.4M. On a all-time initial day chart, SWTFA comes in No. 12 in terms of admissions, though it’s critical to remember that this new section has 3D that gathering 72% of box bureau on opening day and will continue to be a cause in dollar grosses.

Italy, meanwhile, bent to $2M for a biggest opening singular day in December, and for a Star Wars installment as good as scarcely twice what The Hobbit: The Battle of a Five Armies did on a initial day final year. Sweden‘s $1.7M and Norway‘s $1.1M are a biggest attention initial and singular days ever for any film.

Other all-time opening day annals were strike in Belgium ($800K), Finland ($600K), a Netherlands ($800K) and French-speaking Switzerland. Denmark‘s $1M reps a biggest opening day for any Disney film, as is a B.O. done in South Africa (unreported by Disney). And of course, all total are a biggest opening day for any Star Wars authorization pretension ever. Disney also reports Imax is rallying with record starts in several markets.

Comps in a same apartment of SWTFA‘s 12 markets from Wednesday are not apples-to-apples, though given that we’ve been looking during Jurassic World as a intensity comp over a past several months, it’s value it to note that a initial day behind in Jun was value $21M in 8 territories and incompatible previews. Of that, $17.24M came from China (The Force doesn’t incite in a Middle Kingdom until Jan 9) and a rest was from France, Belgium, Egypt, Indonesia, a Philippines, French-speaking Switzerland and Trinidad; some of those markets also in SWTFA’s opening apartment as noted.

Major markets outward a U.S. on a prior Star Wars authorization films have rather consistently been Japan, a UK, Germany, Australia, France and Italy. So distant so good in both a latter two. The UK, Germany and Oz non-stop currently along with 29 some-more that embody Russia, Korea, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. Japan and Spain entrance tomorrow. Those not personification Force Awakens this weekend include China, India and Greece.

Exhibitors in a U.S. saw Force Awakens for a initial time yesterday and soon embraced it. Hands down, it’s a film that will trigger mixed viewings and hillside in a ton of benefaction sales for museum owners.