The Crown creator Peter Morgan says it would not exist if not for The Sopranos

peter morgan, the crown, the sopranos, the crown peter morganpeter morgan, the crown, the sopranos, the crown peter morgan Creator Peter Morgan says The Crown would have been impossible without The Sopranos.

Peter Morgan, the creator of the Netflix Original period drama series The Crown, has said that he would not have done the drama series, if crime drama The Sopranos had never been made. The 54-year-old writer said he would love to have a character like Tony Soprano, who could behave in any number of unpredictable ways, but still be true to himself, reported Variety. The Sopranos, which aired from 1999 to 2007, revolved around the life of a fictional character, an Italian American mobster called Tony Soprano, played by James Gandolfini. “I would not be doing ‘The Crown’ if The Sopranos had not happened. I was besides myself,” Morgan said on the”Remote Controlled” podcast. He also said that his Elizabeth (played by Claire Foy) is a different kind of character.

“It’s her absence of volatility that defines her. She’s an unremarkable woman with a remarkable achievement of stability or invisibility. “These are not the qualities you immediately think of for your protagonist in long-running television. You think, Christ, give me someone who reaches for a gun,” Morgan said. The second season of The Crown premiers December 8.

The Sopranos is considered by many as the greatest television drama ever. It also had a considerable influence on American television industry and ushered in a new era of dark, artistic TV dramas. It is because of  The Sopranos, television is now considered as the “serious” medium instead of cinema. It effectively paved the way for the dramas that came after like HBO’s own The Wire and Boardwalk Empire. Michael Flaherty of The Hollywood Reporter said that The Sopranos helped launch HBO’s reputation as a destination for talent looking for cutting-edge original series work.

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