The Bold and a Beautiful (B&B) Spoilers: Ivy Confesses Love to Liam, Hates Steffy – Will Wyatt Swap Girlfriends with Bro?

The Bold and a Beautiful (BB) Spoilers: Ivy Confesses Love to Liam, Hates Steffy - Will Wyatt Swap Girlfriends with Bro?

“The Bold and a Beautiful” (BB) spoilers provoke that Ivy’s (Ashleigh Brewer) ground for punishing Steffy could be some-more difficult than anyone realized. Ivy has been on corner ever given Steffy incidentally pushed her toward a inadequate electrical wires. During their subsequent confrontation, Ivy took another frightful tumble.

Now Ivy claims to be shocked of Steffy and she only wants her to stay away. However, there could be another reason Ivy is so vigilant on creation Steffy compensate a cost for her actions. Steffy unequivocally disregarded a confining sequence and she deserved to face a consequences.

Nevertheless, a fact that Ivy even filed a confining sequence was substantially a bit extreme. It seems Ivy and Steffy are pushing any other crazy over all of this.

Liam (Scott Clifton) will discuss with Ivy and try to know where she’s entrance from. By a finish of their conversation, it will turn transparent that there’s an underlying issue. “The Bold and a Beautiful” spoilers prove that Ivy will make a overwhelming confession.

Ivy will advise that her near-death knowledge gave her some clarity on a situation. Liam will listen as Ivy describes her quandary and admits that she’s still in adore with him.

Obviously, this will be a lot for Liam to take in. Liam felt rather guilty when he dumped Ivy, though he felt a small improved when she incited to Wyatt (Darin Brooks). Now it looks like Wyatt was unequivocally zero though a rebound.

Ivy cares about Wyatt, though it doesn’t seem to be loyal love. Unfortunately, that’s expected how Liam feels about Ivy.

Ivy’s make-out sessions with Thomas (Pierson Fode) make some-more clarity now. Perhaps Ivy was perplexing to fill a blank Liam left in her heart. Wyatt didn’t cut it and conjunction did Thomas. If Ivy skeleton on removing over Liam, she’ll only have to make a preference to let go and pierce on.

Of course, there’s always a possibility that Liam could bond with Ivy once again. Wyatt’s seductiveness in Steffy competence not be off a list either. Could we see these brothers barter partners?

BB viewers competence see a integrate of shakeups soon. Stick with “The Bold and a Beautiful” for updates on that romances will sizzle.

So BB fans, what do we consider about Ivy’s jaw-dropping news for Liam? Will Liam let Ivy down kindly or could he start to tumble for his former flame? What does a destiny reason for all parties involved? Let us know what we consider in a comments next and don’t forget to check CDL mostly for a latest “Bold and a Beautiful” spoilers, updates and news.

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