The Bachelor 2016 Break-Up: Lauren Bushnell Ben Higgins Still In Love With Jojo Fletcher, Engagement & Wedding Off?

The Bachelor 2016 Break-Up: Lauren Bushnell Ben Higgins Still In Love With Jojo Fletcher, Engagement  Wedding Off?

The Bachelor 2016 leader Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins rendezvous is in trouble, and it looks like a break-up is in a Season 20 couple’s nearby destiny – that is if they haven’t damaged adult already. The Bachelor 2016 spoilers reliable weeks ago that Ben Higgins gave his final rose to Lauren Bushnell – though what spoilers didn’t exhibit was that Ben Higgins told both Lauren Bushnell and Jojo Fletcher that he desired them during their Fantasy Suite dates, that is not going over good with his new fiancé.

The uncover itself seems to be a heading means of a passing of Bachelor couples. Lauren and Ben were ideally happy – and she was rumored to already be creation marriage plans, until she held a few episodes of The Bachelor on ABC and satisfied that her fiancé was in adore with another woman.

Lauren Bushnell suspicion she had a foe in a bag from day one, so we can suppose her warn when she saw her fiancé revelation Jojo Fletcher that he desired her, a day after he avowed his adore for Lauren. Love doesn’t usually go divided when we get intent to another lady – Lauren B. would have to be a dope if she suspicion Ben didn’t still have feelings for Jojo a few months later.

Of course, a fact that Lauren now realizes Ben chose her since his mom told him to is not assisting matters either. Ben Higgins’ mom apparently played a poignant partial in a rejecting process. After Ben’s hometown dates, his family was pulling tough for Lauren Bushnell to turn Mrs. Ben Higgins, is that a usually reason that he chose her?

The Bachelor 2016 spoilers have suggested that Bachelor Ben altered his mind countless times a day of a final rose ceremony. Winner Lauren Bushnell never satisfied until she saw a uncover that she BARELY perceived a final rose. Now that Lauren B. knows that Ben wasn’t usually in adore with her and that his family fundamentally told him to collect Lauren – formulation a marriage is a final thing on her mind.

Sources tighten to a integrate have reliable that their rendezvous is unresolved on by a thread – and a couples’ friends and family seem to consider that it will be a spectacle if they indeed get married.

Do we censure Lauren for carrying second thoughts about marrying Ben now that she has seen his dates with a other girls? Are they going to break-up, or could they still make it down a aisle? Let us know what we consider in a comments next and don’t forget to check CDL for all of you’re a Bachelor 2016 spoilers and news.

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