Texas Shooting Victims Include Pastor’s Daughter, Pregnant Woman, & 5-Year-Old Girl — Here Are Some Of Those Killed In The Tragedy

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A tiny Texas city continues to tilt in a arise of a sharpened during First Baptist Church, where at slightest 26 people died and during slightest 20 others were injured on Sunday.

Authorities pronounced 23 people were found passed inside a church, dual were found outside, and one died after being taken to a hospital, following what Gov. Greg Abbott called a deadliest mass sharpened in his state’s history.

The now-deceased shooter has been identified as Devin Patrick Kelley, an Air Force oldster with a “troubled past,” according to Abbott.

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The 26-year-old’s ground for a sharpened is unclear, though some-more concerning questions sojourn for some city residents — who still reportedly don’t know if their family members are injured, during a hospital, or deceased.

Officials have not expelled all a names of a 26 people killed — whose ages operation from 5 to 72 — however, some of a victims’ identities have surfaced.

One plant was a 14-year-old daughter of a church’s priest Annabelle Pomeroy (below).

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Her mom Sherri Pomeroy reliable to CBS News around content summary on Sunday, writing:

“My father and we were ironically out of city in dual opposite states. We mislaid a 14-year-old daughter currently and many friends. Neither of us have done it behind into city nonetheless to privately see a devastation. we am during a Charlotte airfield perplexing to get home as shortly as we can.”

The family disorder many from a conflict is a Holcombe family. Joe and Claryce Holcombe mislaid 8 members of their family — including children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

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Among those mislaid were Joe’s 60-year-old son Bryan, who had been been stuffing in for a paster that day, and his 58-year-old mother Karla (above).

Joe’s profound granddaughter-in-law Crystal Holcombe (below) was also killed; along with her 3 children, Emily Hill, Meghan Hill, and Greg Hill, and her unborn child.

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The youngest victims of a sharpened were identified as 5-year-old Brooke Ward and 7-year-old Emily Garza.

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Emily (middle row, right) was shot and underwent medicine on Sunday though succumbed to her injuries. Brooke’s (front row, left) 5-year-old hermit Ryland Ward (front row, right) had mixed bullets surgically private and was fast as of Sunday night.

Our hearts go out to a tiny village of Sutherland Springs, generally families of those killed, as some-more of a victim’s identities come to light.

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