Teresa Giudice On Her Bodybuilding Transformation: ‘I Wanted To Show My Daughters That… You Can Achieve Anything’

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Still so tender with Teresa Giudice‘s implausible mutation into a bodybuilder!!!

The 46-year-old momma of 4 remade her physique into that of a bodybuilding enchantress over a final few months and even finished third in a informal bodybuilding competition final weekend!

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And now, a Real Housewives of New Jersey star is vocalization out about all of her tough work, and what it means for her and her family, in an talk with Us Weekly (below):

“I have to keep my mind busy. [After yoga], we was looking for a subsequent thing. we also wanted to uncover my daughters that if we put tough work and time into something, we can grasp anything, and it was something I’ve always wanted to do — for myself. I’ve left to a gym given we could drive. we wanted to see my physique transform.”

The mom of 4 is apparently operative off some critical highlight — creatively expelled off her possess 11-month jail stay, her husband, Joe Giudice, began portion his own 41-month jail judgment behind in Mar 2016 — and so bodybuilding valid to be a good opening to channel highlight into certain energy.

But even over all that, a shrill RHONJ star can’t get over how good she looks!

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As she remarkable in a interview, women over forty years aged can STILL demeanour good (below):

“I adore a approach my arms and behind look. All my garments are large on me. My physique drastically altered since of yoga, though this was even some-more extreme. It debunks a parable that if you’re over 40, we can’t demeanour good.”


What do y’all consider about Teresa’s bodybuilding transformation?! Let us know all your opinions in a comments (below)!!!

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