Teenager dies in ‘hoverboard’ crash

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The child was conspicuous passed during a stage in Glacier Way, Alperton, on Thursday

A teen roving a “hoverboard” has died in a pile-up with a bus, military have said.

The 15-year-old was conspicuous passed during a stage in Glacier Way, Alperton, west London, on Thursday night.

He had been roving a “self-balancing scooter” during a time of a crash, Scotland Yard said.

The child has nonetheless to be rigourously identified, and a autopsy hearing will be carried out in due course, military said.

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Eyewitness Jeffrey Mingle, from Edgware, north London, was channel a highway during a time.

He told BBC London: “I saw a male on a hoverboard, we was usually station there subsequent to him and afterwards he fell into a road.

“He attempted to get adult though he wasn’t discerning adequate and afterwards he was strike by a bus, a 224. “

Writing on Twitter, Councillor James Denselow wrote: “Sad to hear about a genocide of a 15-year-old child in Alperton final night who collided with a train while roving a hoverboard.”

Banned from a road

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  • “Self-balancing scooters” are famous by several names including “hoverboards” and “rideables”
  • Gyroscopes are used to counter-balance and control a speed of a wheels – with some models able of travelling during adult to 12 mph
  • They are criminialized from use on open pavements and roads in a UK
  • The Crown Prosecution Service has released superintendence stating they “are not authorised for highway use”
  • According to a Department for Transport, it is usually authorised to use them on private skill with a owner’s consent
  • The same relates to Segway scooters, with one Yorkshire male successfully prosecuted and fined £75 for roving one on a pavement