Teen Who Live Streamed The Crash Which Killed Her Sister Says ‘Everybody Does It’

cbs fresno speaks with skip sanchez

Talk about a bad life decision.

At a finish of final week, a 18-year-old who live streamed a wreck that eventually killed her younger sister uninterrupted about a tragedy and explained her welfare to keep filming a theatre on Instagram.

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Obdulia Sanchez, in a phone call finished from prison, explained to CBS Fresno:

“We do it all a time – all a time. Trust me, it’s like a reflex. Like we haven’t crashed, we know? Everybody does it. Everybody does. They take Snapchats. Everybody does it. Why not? People take video of them in cars like all a time. And I’m customarily 18 – we’re still young.”

Smh. However, Miz Sanchez is clearly depressed by a wreck as she continued:

“I didn’t even know we looked like a savage – like we feeling like a freaking terrible monster. That was not my idea during all.”

In box we forgot, Obdulia was listened explanation on a gentle media app that she had “fucking killed her sister.” Sanchez has given pleaded not guilty to sot pulling and sum vehicular manslaughter.

On what she recalls from a night of a accident, Obdulia shared:

“We were ideally freaking fine. We were ideally freaking fine. Then successive thing we know, we started going left. We started going left, thereafter we started to stop a car. Then we flipped over… That’s when we customarily started freaking out. And thereafter – we feeling in a behind chair – and there’s nobody in a behind seat, and that’s when we started freaking out.”

The vehicle collision took an even darker spin when a teen confident her 14-year-old sister Jacqueline was left after being thrown from a car. Not to mention, another 14-year-old visitor was spoiled in a leg due to a collision.
While a California Highway Patrol has indicted Obdulia of pulling underneath a influence, her salvation organisation has staid that a blown out tire caused a tragedy.

Although Obdulia wasn’t good during a interview, she’s stern that it isn’t a pointer she’s “not remorseful.” The think concluded:

“She’s 14. She’s like my mini-me – like my best friend. She looked customarily like me. Any time we feeling during her, it’s like I’m looking during myself. It creates me like – it creates me unquestionably unfortunate that she’s gone.”

We can customarily suspect what a terrible believe this has been for Obdulia and her preferred ones. A unfortunate conditions for everybody involved.

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