‘Teen Mom OG’: Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Reveal Baby’s Gender

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra of Teen Mom OG only common a sex of their new baby. It turns out that a integrate is awaiting another girl! They are unequivocally vehement about this news, nonetheless honestly, they were awaiting to hear that it was a boy. They have already had dual small girls. 

Catelynn common with Us Weekly all about her startle to find out it was another girl.

“I was so repelled that it was a lady since we for certain suspicion it was a boy! Tyler knew a sex before we did. When we did a gender reveal, we was so repelled we roughly cried since we wanted a child so badly. I’m super vehement it’s a lady now. Since a miscarriage, we only am grateful to get another chance, and as prolonged as it’s healthy, that’s all that matters!”

The integrate has already talked about perplexing for another baby in a future. This competence meant they would finish adult removing a boy. Catelynn and Tyler seem like they are doing unequivocally good right now. They adore being parents. 

Excited to have Nova announce a SHOCKING GENDER REVEAL #LinkInBio

A post common by Catelynn Baltierra (@catelynnmtv) on Oct 17, 2018 during 3:00pm PDT

Catelynn Lowell went on to explain that they do unequivocally wish to have a child during some point. Tyler might finish adult in a residence full of girls and that will be only fine, too. This is a third daughter for this couple. They have 3-year-old daughter Nova and they placed their eldest daughter, Carly, now 9, adult for adoption.

Catelyn suffered from a miscarriage between Nova and a new small lady that is on a way. This was unequivocally tough on her. They are job their new small lady their “rainbow baby.” This is a tenure used for a baby that is innate after a miscarriage. They indeed were not formulation this pregnancy, nonetheless it only happened. The integrate is vehement about a new baby, though.

Tyler unequivocally feels like this is a “blessing.” He says that each child is and he is unequivocally happy about this new child. It won’t be prolonged before they have another small lady during home. The integrate from Teen Mom OG hasn’t common only nonetheless what they will name their daughter. They will substantially wait to exhibit this until a small lady arrives. 

Are we vehement to see Catelynn Lowell’s new small girl? Let us know in a comments below, and don’t skip new episodes of Teen Mom OG on MTV. Hopefully, all will be filmed when she has their new daughter.