‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Kailyn Threatens To Leak Javi’s Nude Pics After Pregnancy Reveal

Note to self: don’t disaster with Kailyn Lowry. On a Aug. 21 partial of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Kail conspicuous she could unequivocally simply share Javi’s unclothed pics after she rescued he allegedly leaked her pregnancy news.


How Kailyn Lowry‘s pregnancy news was leaked to a star was finally suggested during a Aug. 21 partial of Teen Mom 2, when Kail rescued a congratulatory chatter posted by Jenelle Evans. In Jenelle’s tweet, she conspicuous a MTV organization told her a new, yet Kailyn told her associate that after clear to MTV she didn’t trust that to be true. She had no suspicion how Jenelle found out, yet she was violent that her Teen Mom 2 co-star chose to share a news so publicly before she was means to do it herself. So while taping a fragment for a Teen Mom 2 Live After-Show, Kailyn threw a bit of shade during Jenelle. And that’s when Jenelle tweeted, mindful Javi was a one who leaked a news. She even assuming reason — a DM Javi had sent a news site, confirming a news. After Kailyn saw a DM, she told her associate that she could unequivocally simply share some unclothed pics Javi had sent her while they were together. She also conspicuous she could share reason (in presumably video or imitation form) that he had sex with someone while he was deployed overseas. In genuine time, Javi took to Instagram on Aug. 21 to deny it’s him in a picture that was common online in Jan. 2017, yet now a whole star knows about it (true or not). So. Much. Drama.


In other TM2 news, Briana‘s mom confronted Luis about a new baby, and while he conspicuous he’d be around for her as many as he could, she still wasn’t happy. After an ultrasound appointment, she told Briana that Luis is a “quitter” and bad baby Stella is going to have a mysterious life given of it. Briana also quiescent to keep her baby instead of giving her adult for adoption.

Elsewhere, Aubree got overexcited about Chelsea‘s new pets. She got so excited, in fact, that she manhandled a ducks and chickens in a front yard. Chelsea yelled during her for being too serious with a animals. We felt bad for Aubree, yet to be honest, she was throwing a ducks around like they were frisbees. When Cole got home, Chelsea refused to pronounce about a conditions on camera.

Furthermore, a pain in Ali‘s legs started stealing to her this week, and she was forced to tell Leah about her pathetic situation. Leah and Corey resolved that she competence have to start carrying an assistance follow her around during school. But that’s not all — while during Corey’s house, Ali started carrying problem respirating so she was rushed to a puncture room. When a author asked Leah if that’s a pointer of MS, Leah refused to answer a question. Maybe she was too regretful to say?

Finally, Jace spent his initial weekend during Jenelle’s new house, yet it wasn’t unequivocally fun for him given all — including a sand bike and some-more — was “broken.” He also had an earache, according to Barbara, so a bad child had a tough time during Jenelle’. David also detected some scratches on Jace’s arm, and when Barbara conspicuous they were from a dog, he suggested she get excluded of a dog. She didn’t like that and started yelling, so he and Jenelle took Jace and left.


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