Teen Accidentally Shoots And Kills His Girlfriend’s Baby While Cleaning His Gun

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This is so sad.

An 18-year-old male named Henry Bartle was arrested and charged on Sunday with criminally inattentive carnage after a gun he was cleaning incidentally discharged, murdering a seven-month-old boy.

The incident, that took place in Rome, New York, claimed a life of Nathaniel Hitt, a child of Bartle’s girlfriend.

Allegedly, a male was cleaning his 12-gauge shotgun when, according to a Rome Police Department, he attempted to mount with a installed arms inadvertently directed in a infant’s direction.

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By a time military arrived to a scene, a random shot to “the top physique area” of a baby had prolonged given finished a damage.


Bartle is now being hold on an vague bail, after carrying been charged in a death.

Our thoughts are with everybody concerned in this awful, awful tragedy.

[Image around Rome Police Department.]

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