Ted Talks India Nayi Soch: Ekta Kapoor wants to coach women to find a bullion in themselves

EKta Kapoor ted talks shah rukh khanEKta Kapoor ted talks shah rukh khan Ekta Kapoor common her moving story on Ted Talks India Ek Nayi Soch.

Television’s Czarina Ekta Kapoor’s life story is an moving tale. Daughter of yesteryear luminary Jeetendra, Ekta competence have been innate with a china spoon, though she wrote her possess destiny. After statute radio and changing a face of daily serials, today, she is also creation her symbol in a universe of cinema and even a digital space. Ekta took to a theatre of Ted Talks India to speak about her story and how a lady should never be underestimated. Her absolute debate changed a assembly and horde Shah Rukh Khan common how he is unapproachable of Ekta. He also pronounced that she is an impulse to a lot of women in a country.

Ekta initial spoke about her early childhood days of onslaught when many tip rated channels deserted her pilots. Her father Jeetendra was taunted for ancillary his invalid daughter. “For my brother’s preparation abroad, my mom had to guaranty her trinket and my father invested all his income by me.” One chairman went to a border of revelation him “You should have bought her bullion instead. My father replied that, ‘gold should be within her, what will she do with bullion outside?’” The faith bestowed on her by her father done her even some-more determined. Her initial daily Hum Paanch became successful and her genuine tour begun from thereon. Ekta combined that she would also like to coach some-more girls and women and she also speedy them to find a bullion in themselves!

Talking about her father, Ekta common that notwithstanding a taunts and retorts, Jeetendra never unsuccessful to support Ekta on all her endeavours. Infact, Ekta suggested her associate assembly to not let matrimony be an barrier to work since a matrimony might finish though work will not.

Through her famous iconic characters like Tulsi and Parvati, Ekta directed to prominence domicile issues like domestic violence, marital rape, and healthcare. These were issues that were unheard of behind in a 90’s, in a deficiency of amicable media. Ekta common that how she was criticised for creation such shows, though how her films were all about group and she wanted women to order television. All her shows had females personification a heroes and even a villains (vamps).

While Ekta showed us a ‘gharelu sanskaari bahus’ in Tulsi and Parvati, she also showed us a complicated day lady in her new tour Lipstick Under My Burkha. The film greeted a lot of debate as it portrayed a story of women, who are candid and do not bashful divided from a taboos of society. Ekta in her debate mentioned how she herself will never doubt any women or decider them.

Lastly, Ekta common that it is common for women to put other’s needs before them. She reiterated a need to follow and live your passion to a fullest.

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