Taylor Swift Shares Special Meeting With Fan Battling Brain Cancer — All Because Of Meghan McCain!

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What a special impulse for Taylor Swift to share with a fan battling mind cancer — and to consider it was all brought on by a daughter of one of this country’s many absolute politicians!

Wait, what?!

OK, let’s start from a beginning. On Saturday night, Taylor met adult with Lexi Caviston, a 21-year-old Swift fan who happens to be battling mind cancer right now.

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The meet-and-greet went down during a singer’s Reputation unison in Philadelphia, and it was all interjection to amicable media as Caviston’s crony had prolonged been perplexing to get her story beheld by Swift on Twitter.

But it usually ever did get beheld after an doubtful source, Meghan McCain, horde on The View and daughter to U.S. Senator John McCain, took notice scarcely dual weeks ago (below)!

Oh wow!!

McCain had schooled about a debate since her possess father is battling a accurate same form of cancer, and Meghan and Lexi got connected that way.

And so, Meghan motionless to use her luminary for good, and reached out to Swift’s people!!

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The finish result?? So perfect!!

Ch-ch-check out Lexi and Taylor assembly this weekend (below):

Ahhhh!! So good — a hearts are filled!

Nobody does these kind of special moments improved than Taylor!!

Nice work, all!!

[Image around WENN.]

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