Taylor Swift Out Of Control – Demands Trademark for ‘1989’ – Wants To Own Letters ‘T’ And ‘S’?

Taylor Swift Out Of Control – Demands Trademark for ‘1989’ – Wants To Own Letters ‘T’ And ‘S’?

Is Taylor Swift out of control? The singer/songwriter is perfectionist a heading for ‘1989’- a year of her birth, also a name of T-Swift’s latest CD and tour. What’s next? Will Swift direct a rights to a letters “T” and “S”?

On Dec 3, T-Swift’s IP government and holding association TAS Rights Management, LLC filed a whopping 20 Federal heading applications with a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Yes, we review that rightly – 20 applications for trademarks!

Exactly that words, numbers and phrases is Taylor attempting to explain belongs usually to TAS Rights Management? Taylor thinks she should be a usually one to use “Swiftmas,” “1989,” “Blank Space,” “And I’ll Write Your Name” and “A Girl Named Girl.” There are 4 heading applications tentative for any word or phrase.

As explained by Tantalizing Trademarks, any focus relates to a good or use underneath T-Swift’s brand. For example, one ask for a heading on “Swiftmas” relates to song services and live concerts. Another filing for a same phrase, word, or series would be for several wardrobe and apparel. You get a design – Taylor Swift doesn’t wish anyone else cashing in on what, essentially, she thinks is T-Swift property.

Would feminist Camille Paglia find this to be nonetheless another snob pierce on Taylor’s part? Paglia took a mini-mogul to charge in a new minute published by Hollywood Reporter. Camille called Swift a “Nazi Barbie” and argued that Taylor needs to stop boring her friends out on theatre and creation a prolongation of that flattering lady tops Swifts crony list any week. OUCH!

Does this meant if we incidentally use a series word or word that Taylor owns we will be sued for heading infringement? It’s unimaginable that Swift thinks she can benefit disdainful rights to “1989.” The “Blank Space” thespian – another word she wants to heading – isn’t a usually chairman innate in a final year of a 1980s. What happens if one of a hundreds of thousands of those innate a same year dares to complete or write down a number?

Has Taylor Swift left to a impassioned with this branding nonsense? Did a lawsuit filed by Lucky 13, an Orange County-based wardrobe company, for copyright transgression leave a bad ambience in T-Swift’s mouth? Is Swift jumping a gun to safeguard that there won’t be lawsuits over each word, phrase, and minute she binds dear?

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