Taylor Swift Groping Trial: The Verdict Is In!

taylor discerning groping box jury verdict

The outcome is in, folks!

After an regretful spin of shutting statements, a 8 member jury of 6 women and twin organisation ruled in welfare of Taylor Swift, final that Denver shaped DJ David Mueller closely assaulted and crushed a singer.

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ICYMI, a radio luminary sued Swift for slander and a Blank Space thespian responded with a ardent conflict and battery countersuit. While a radio maestro maintained his stupidity around a trial, a cocktail star testified underneath guarantee that David “grabbed [her] exposed ass.”

On Friday, Judge Martinez threw out Mueller’s lawsuit against Taylor — while her mom Andrea and radio promotions director, Frank Bell, remained during risk AKA certified limbo. Well, they’re also out of a woods now as a jury found they did not intentionally happen with Mueller’s use contract.

What victory!!!

Taylor got that dollar!! And justice!!!

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