Tanuj Virwani clarifies his position in Akshara Haasan’s leaked photos case

Tanuj Virwani on Akshara Haasan leaked cinema caseTanuj Virwani on Akshara Haasan leaked cinema case Akshara Haasan had voiced her angst on amicable media, and had reached out to Mumbai military for help. (Photo credit: Tanuj Virwani/Twitter)

A Mumbai Mirror news recently suggested that usually Tanuj Virmani had Akshara Haasan’s personal photos as a dual were in a relationship, and she had common some of her photos with him in 2016.

Following adult on a report, indianexpress.com got in hold with Tanuj, son of maestro actor Rati Agnihotri.

While Tanuj Virmani did not criticism on a news citing his bustling schedule, his orator confirmed that Tanuj and Akshara are still friends. She combined that their break-up was mutual, and they have remained good friends for years now. She serve pronounced they were on articulate terms until dual days ago, so there has been no bad blood between them. The orator also positive that Tanuj was prepared to concur with any authorised record in sequence to locate a categorical culprit.

Tanuj’s orator said, “All we would like to contend as Tanuj’s orator is that we have been done wakeful of a situation. We know that Akshara had filed an FIR about a trickle of certain images that were personal. We contingency initial know that Tanuj and Akshara were dating for a good series of years, though they are not together anymore. However, they are still really good friends.”

She added, “They talk. Until day before yesterday, they exchanged accessible banter. They have really been in touch. Luckily for us, we have those messages kept by Tanuj, which, if need be, we are peaceful to show. But, they are really accessible banter, only to infer that a break-up wasn’t an nauseous one. They are still friends. If Akshara ever had anything of this arrange in mind to credit Tanuj, afterwards we am certain she would not have been articulate to him for so many months, roughly years after a break-up.”

“However, carrying pronounced that, Tanuj is positively wakeful of what Akshara contingency be going through. We are some-more than happy to concur with a military or with any kind of investigation, so as a law-breaker gets punished and gets caught. Tanuj is going to give it his all and whatever is indispensable of him. Legally, he will be some-more than happy to support.”

Kamal Haasan’s daughter Akshara Haasan had voiced her angst on amicable media, and had reached out to Mumbai military for help. She was taken for a criticism on a same.

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