Taliban tie hold on pivotal Afghan city

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Taliban fighters have been out on a streets of Kunduz

Taliban fighters have seized a infantry hilltop site in Kunduz, tightening their hold on a northern Afghan city.

The constraint of a Bala Hisar outpost came notwithstanding efforts by supervision reinforcements, corroborated by Nato airstrikes and special forces, to retake a city.

It leaves a airfield as a army’s final stronghold.

The Taliban overran Kunduz on Monday, their biggest infantry benefit given they mislaid energy in 2001.

The Taliban had blockaded a Bala Hisar outpost for dual days.

The scarcely 200 Afghan confidence crew afterwards deserted a position after using out of food and ammunition, an Afghan confidence central told Reuters.

Late on Tuesday a Taliban attempted to constraint a airfield as well, though US atmosphere strikes and bloc special army halted their advance. A special army commander pronounced a unfamiliar infantry – who are in Kunduz in a non-combat purpose – had acted in “self-defence”.

Clashes went on by a night around Kunduz, and a provincial sanatorium was reportedly struggling to cope with a series of casualties.

Afghanistan’s health method pronounced more than 40 people had been killed and some-more than 330 harmed in a fighting, a immeasurable infancy of them civilians.

Win-win for a Taliban – Dawood Azami, BBC World Service

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The tumble of Kunduz is a promotion manoeuvre for a Taliban

The tumble of Kunduz is a win-win for a Taliban, whatever happens now. Even if a insurgents are diminished in a army counter-offensive, they will leave with both plunder and publicity.

Taliban fighters emptied a coffers of banks in Kunduz, seized weapons, including armed vehicles, and also gained a promotion victory.

The seizure of one of Afghanistan’s many vital and richest cities has also increasing a status of new Taliban leader, Mullah Mansour – those within a mutinous organisation will see him as someone who can broach considerable victories on a battlefield.

Victory also reasserts Taliban control amid foe from a Islamic State group, that has been severe a Taliban’s leverage in many tools of a country.

The fact that a few hundred Taliban fighters degraded thousands of Afghan confidence army is also annoying for a National Unity Government in Kabul, generally when a conflict coincided with a initial anniversary of a formation.

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Kunduz is one of Afghanistan’s largest cities, and is strategically critical as a ride heart for a north of a country.

Militant conflict has increasing opposite Afghanistan given Nato finished a fight goal in Afghanistan in December, withdrawal a 13,000-strong residual force used for training and counter-terrorism operations.

Fighting has been going on in a series of other areas:

The BBC’s Dawood Azami says a Taliban are now perplexing to open mixed fronts to obstruct a courtesy of a Afghan infantry from Kunduz and widen them thin.

On Tuesday a United States concurred a seizure of Kunduz as a setback, though pronounced it remained assured that Afghan confidence army could retake a city.

Sayed Sarwar Hussaini, a orator for Kunduz’s military chief, told Reuters: “Hundreds of Taliban are killed and their passed bodies are on [the] streets.”

There was no eccentric confirmation, and a Taliban denied their internal personality had been killed.

The Afghan counterclaim method claimed on Tuesday that a town’s military domicile and jail had been recaptured, after militants expelled hundreds of prisoners when they took a city on Monday.

But Taliban-released video featured militants in a city display off seized tanks, armoured vehicles, military cars and Red Cross vans.

Residents, shaken of both a Taliban and a probability of street-fighting in a conflict for a city, are mostly staying indoors.

An Afghan MP, Dr Fatima Aziz, told a BBC she fled a city with her children, entrance underneath glow from a Taliban as she escaped.

“I’m really disturbed for my people,” she said.

The Taliban’s new leader, Mullah Akhtar Mansour, pronounced a supervision should acknowledge defeat.

In Kabul, members of council called for President Ghani to resign. The conduct of Afghan comprehension was called to council to explain what went wrong in Kunduz.

The conflict on Monday was quick and took Afghan army by surprise.

As dark fell, heavily armed fighters crossed fields to conflict a city from mixed directions.

They fast impressed several of a military checkpoints fortifying a fringe of a city before relocating into a centre.

Kunduz range has seen a series of attacks given April, with a Taliban fasten army with other insurgents.

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Officials pronounced thousands of special army were scheming to retake a city

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