Syria atmosphere strikes: US still ‘locked and loaded’ for new chemical attacks

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President Donald Trump has warned Syria’s supervision a US is “locked and loaded” to strike again if it carries out chemical attacks.

The warning came after a US, UK and France struck 3 Syrian sites in response to a suspected lethal chemical conflict in a city of Douma a week ago.

Syria denies any chemical use and says that conflict was built by rebels.

A UN Security Council opinion brought by Syria’s ally, Russia, to reject a US-led strikes was rejected.

The call of strikes represents a many poignant conflict opposite President Bashar al-Assad’s supervision by Western powers in 7 years of Syria’s polite war.

While Western powers have upheld rebels from early on in a war, they have not intervened opposite Syria directly.

After a disaster of a Russian motion, a US, UK and France circulated a new breeze fortitude to UN Security Council members, job for an eccentric review into Syria’s purported use of chemical weapons, AFP news group reported.

A identical prior devise had been vetoed by Russia.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has blamed Russian deterrent for a need to launch troops strikes, observant they left “no practicable alternative”.

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Isn’t an review already underneath way?

Inspectors from a eccentric Organisation for a Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) had already been dispatched to Damascus and they are approaching to revisit Douma this weekend.

But a OPCW will not find to settle – and publicly announce – who was obliged for a attack, that is what a UK, US and France wish to see.

The new, Western-drafted fortitude calls for a OPCW to recover their news within 30 days.

UK unfamiliar secretary Boris Johnson wrote in a Telegraph that tellurian powers will not “turn a blind eye” to a use of chemical weapons.

Syria’s Assistant Foreign Minister Ayman Sousan told a BBC his supervision welcomed a OPCW delegation.

“The work of a goal is in a seductiveness of a Syrian state as it will expose a lies, pomposity and a misinformation of a sides that had promoted a purported use of chemical weapons,” he said.

What happened during a UN?

An puncture assembly was hold by a UN Security Council on Saturday, heading to some sour exchanges.

Russia sought to secure a common defamation of a early morning atmosphere strikes.

However, out of a 15-member council, usually China and Bolivia voted in foster of a Russian resolution.

Russia’s UN envoy, Vasily Nebenzia, review out a quote from President Vladimir Putin accusing a US, UK and France of “cynical disdain” in behaving though watchful for a OPCW’s findings.

US attach� Nikki Haley pronounced a strikes were “justified, legitimate and proportionate”.

She said: “I spoke to a boss [Trump] this morning and he said, ‘if a Syrian regime uses this unwholesome gas again, a United States is sealed and loaded’.”

She added: “We can't mount by and let Russia rabble each general normal and concede use of chemical weapons to go unanswered.”

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Syrian attach� Bashar Jaafari called a US, UK and France “liars, spoilers and hypocrites”, who exploited a UN “to pursue… [their] process of division and colonialism”.

What is function on a ground?

CBS News contributor Seth Doane visited one of a targets in Damascus on Saturday afternoon, and found it to be a smouldering raise of rubble.

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The Barzeh formidable appears to be totally destroyed

The Barzeh formidable is, according to a US, a centre for development, prolongation and contrast of chemical and biological weapons. Syria denies this.

Elsewhere, a Syrian army announced on Saturday that a Eastern Ghouta region, where Douma is situated, had been privileged of a final insurgent fighters and was entirely retaken.

Media captionAmateur footage shows strikes on a troops investigate trickery in Damascus, while state TV shows a damage

What has Donald Trump said?

He tweeted early on Saturday, hailing a strikes as “perfectly executed”. He also thanked a UK and France.

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His use of a word “Mission Accomplished” drew a warning from President George W Bush’s ex-press secretary Ari Fleischer:

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The word had been on a ensign as Mr Bush announced a finish of “major fight operations” in Iraq in May 2003, 6 weeks after a US-led advance of a country. The following Iraqi rebellion questioned a effect of a statement.

At a Pentagon lecture on Saturday, Lt Gen Kenneth McKenzie listed a 3 targets that had been struck, observant a attacks had “set a Syrian chemical weapons programme behind years”.

Media captionGen Kenneth McKenzie: “We deployed 105 weapons”

Gen McKenzie pronounced about 40 Syrian counterclaim missiles were fired, mostly after a targets were strike and nothing were “successfully engaged”.

The Pentagon lecture conflicted with information given during a Russian counterclaim method briefing, that pronounced 103 journey missiles had been launched and 71 were shot down by Syrian systems.

Both a Russians and a US pronounced there were no reported casualties. Syria says 3 people were harm nearby Homs.

The US pronounced it had communicated with Russia forward of a strikes by a normal procedures of their “deconfliction” hotline though no sum of a attacks were given.

There had been concerns that if a associated strikes had strike Russian troops personnel, it would have serve escalated tension.

The US says a scale of a strikes was about “double” what was launched in Apr 2017 after a chemical conflict on a city of Khan Sheikhoun that killed some-more than 80 people.