Syria atmosphere strikes: Trump hails ‘perfect’ mission

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US President Donald Trump has hailed an overnight troops strike on Syria as “perfectly executed”, adding: “Mission Accomplished”.

The US, UK and France pounded 3 supervision sites, targeting what they pronounced were chemical weapons facilities.

More than 100 missiles struck in response to a suspected lethal chemical dispute on a city of Douma final week.

Russian President Vladimir Putin pronounced he cursed a Western strikes “in a many critical way”.

Russia, whose army are bolstering Syria’s government, had threatened troops plea if any Russian crew had been hit.

In early morning tweets from Washington, President Trump thanked France and a UK for “their knowledge and a energy of their excellent military”.

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A Pentagon lecture on Saturday pronounced a strikes had “set a Syrian chemical weapons programme behind for years”.

Later there was a sour sell between a US and Russia during a United Nations.

The call of strikes is a many poignant dispute opposite President Bashar al-Assad’s supervision by Western powers in 7 years of Syria’s polite war.

Responding to a strikes, Mr Assad pronounced in comments published by his office: “This charge will usually make Syria and a people some-more dynamic to keep fighting and abrasive terrorism in each in. of a country.”

Where was hit?

At a Pentagon lecture on Saturday, Lt Gen Kenneth McKenzie listed a 3 targets that had been struck in a “precise, strenuous and effective” manner:

  • The Barzah chemical weapons investigate and growth centre nearby Damascus was strike by 76 missiles, 57 of them Tomahawk journey missiles, and “destroyed”
  • The Him Shinshar chemical weapons storage trickery nearby Homs was strike by 22 missiles – 9 US Tomahawks, 8 British Storm Shadows and 5 naval journey missiles and dual Scalp journey missiles launched by France
  • The Him Shinshar chemical weapons fort trickery nearby Homs was targeted with 7 Scalp missiles and was “successfully hit”

Gen McKenzie pronounced a “initial indications are that we achieved a troops objectives though division from Syria”.

Media captionGen Kenneth McKenzie: “We deployed 105 weapons”

He pronounced “none of a aircraft or missiles were successfully engaged” by counterclaim systems and all aircraft had returned.

Gen McKenzie pronounced about 40 Syrian counterclaim missiles were fired, mostly after a targets were hit. No Russian counterclaim systems were operated, he said.

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The Pentagon lecture conflicted with information given during a Russian counterclaim method briefing, that pronounced Russian units had tracked a actions of a US and UK forces, though not a French.

The method pronounced 103 journey missiles had been launched and 71 were shot down by Syrian systems.

Media caption“Rumbling like thunder”: A CBS contributor in Damascus witnessed a start of a strikes

It supposed a “alleged chemical weapons facilities” nearby Damascus and Homs were “partially destroyed”.

The method pronounced there were other locations that were targeted though not hit, including Damascus International Airport and a al-Dumayr and Blai airdromes, and a Shayrat atmosphere base.

The method pronounced “preliminary information” suggested there had been no casualties among a Syrian army or civilians.

The Pentagon pronounced it also had no acknowledgment of any municipal casualties.

The US had communicated with Russia forward of a strikes by a normal procedures of their “deconfliction” hotline, that is used to forestall random clashes in a fight zone.

There had been concerns that if a US strike had strike Russian troops crew on a ground, it would serve expand tension.

The US says a scale of a strikes was about “double” what was launched in Apr 2017 after a chemical dispute on a city of Khan Sheikhoun that killed some-more than 80 people.

Media captionAmateur footage shows strikes on a troops investigate trickery in Damascus, while state TV shows a damage

What was pronounced during a UN?

At an puncture assembly of a UN Security Council called by Russia, a Russian attach� to a UN, Vassily Nebenzia, review out a quote from President Putin observant a movement of a US and a allies had done a “catastrophic conditions in Syria even worse”.

Mr Putin indicted a allies of “cynical disdain” in behaving though watchful for a formula of a chemical watchdog review into a Douma attack. The Organisation for a Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) inspectors are approaching to arrive in a area this weekend.

US attach� Nikki Haley pronounced a strikes were “justified, legitimate and proportionate”.

She pronounced a US and a allies had given tact “chance after chance” though Russia had continued to halt UN resolutions.

Media captionDonald Trump and Theresa May on a atmosphere strikes in Syria

She said: “We can't mount by and let Russia rabble each general normal and concede use of chemical weapons to go unanswered.”

Ms Haley pronounced she had oral to President Trump and he had pronounced a US was “locked and loaded” if Syria used chemical weapons again.

She said: “When a boss draws a red line, a boss enforces a red line.”

Bashar Jaafari, Syria’s attach� to a UN, steady that a purported Douma dispute was a “masquerade” mounted by rebels.

He also pronounced OPCW inspectors had formerly visited a targeted Barzeh site and reported no chemical weapons activities there.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres pronounced he wanted to remind all members that “there is an requirement to act consistently with a licence of a UN and general law in general” and combined that there was “no troops solution” to a Syria crisis.

The UN Security Council deserted a Russian fortitude condemning a strikes.

What purpose did a UK and France play?

According to a UK Ministry of Defence, 4 RAF Tornado jets strike a site nearby Homs with 8 Storm Shadow journey missiles.

Prime Minister Theresa May pronounced there was “no practicable choice to a use of force” though also combined that a strikes were not about “regime change”.

French President Emmanuel Macron also reliable his country’s appearance in a operation.

“Dozens of men, women and children were massacred with chemical weapons,” he pronounced of a Douma occurrence a week ago.

On Saturday, a Syrian army announced that a eastern Ghouta region, where Douma is situated, had been privileged of a final insurgent fighters and was entirely retaken.

Media captionWhat’s it like to be in a chemical attack? Survivors relate Ghouta in 2013

Analysis: Will this time be different?

Jonathan Marcus, BBC counterclaim match

This dispute was some-more poignant than a US strike opposite a Syrian atmosphere bottom a small over a year ago, though during initial steer seems some-more singular than President Trump’s tongue might have suggested.

Last year some 59 missiles were fired. This time a small over double that series were used.

The strikes are over for now, though there was a transparent warning that if a Assad regime resorts to chemical weapons again, afterwards serve strikes might good follow.

Care was taken, contend a Americans, to equivocate both Syrian and “foreign” – for that review Russian – casualties.

But a elemental questions remain. Will President Assad be deterred?

Last year’s US strike unsuccessful to change his behaviour. This time, will it be any different?

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How has a rest of a universe responded?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel – who had ruled out fasten a troops movement – pronounced she upheld a strikes as “necessary and appropriate”.

Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg pronounced a Nato allies entirely upheld a actions of a US, UK and France.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu voiced his “total support” for a atmosphere strikes.

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China pronounced it against a use of force and that there could usually be a domestic resolution to a Syrian conflict.