Syria ‘air raid on mosque kills 42′ in Aleppo province

Syrian polite counterclaim volunteers puncture by a rubble of a mosque after an atmosphere strike on a mosque in al-Jineh in Aleppo province, 16 Mar 2017Image copyright
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The al-Jineh mosque was reduced to rubble

Forty-two people, mostly civilians, have died in an atmosphere strike on a mosque in a rebel-held encampment in northern Syria, a monitoring organisation says.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights pronounced a raid by misleading planes was in al-Jineh, Aleppo province.

Russian and Syrian aircraft work there and US warplanes also aim jihadist rebels in a region.

The US pronounced it had carried out an atmosphere strike, murdering several al-Qaeda militants, though had not strike a mosque.

The US troops creatively pronounced a strike had taken place in beside Idlib province, though after simplified that a accurate plcae was unclear.

“We did not aim a mosque, though a building that we did aim – that was where a assembly [of militants] took place – is about 50ft (15m) from a mosque that is still standing,” orator Col John J Thomas said.

The UK-based observatory, that relays information from sources on a ground, pronounced a al-Jineh mosque had been packaged with worshippers for dusk prayers.

The encampment lies in one of a categorical rebel-held regions of Syria.

Unravelling a Syrian puzzle

Syria’s fight but end

The dispute on Thursday came usually a day after during slightest 31 people were killed in a self-murder bombing during a categorical justice formidable in a capital, Damascus.

The Damascus bombing was on a sixth anniversary of a start of a overthrow opposite President Bashar al-Assad.

Since then, some-more than 320,000 people have been killed and 11 million replaced in a conflict, according to activists.