Sutton Foster on Her ‘Amazing Journey’ to Adopting Daughter Emily: ‘We Found Each Other’

Sutton Foster is counting her blessings — generally when it comes to her 10-month-old daughter Emily Dale.

“I feel like things are improved than ever and that’s good to contend during 42 years old,” a Younger singer told PEOPLE during a 23rd Annual Critics’ Choice Awards during Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California, on Thursday.

Explaining because she and father Ted Griffin done a preference to adopt, Foster says, “I know there’s many ways to have a family. My father and we met after in life and came into obstacles of carrying a biological child.”

“I’ve always been a fan of adoption and it only seemed healthy — as shortly as we started posterior adoption, it was as if heavens non-stop up. Someday, we can’t wait to tell her,” she adds. “It was a unequivocally pleasing and extraordinary tour to find her, and we feel like we found any other.”

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Ted Griffin (left), Sutton Foster and Emily Dale

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And even yet Foster says motherhood is incredible, she also points out that it’s “terrifying” and she mostly “can’t remember a final time I’ve showered.”

“I literally went from vagrant mommy to Hollywood glorious in about an hour,” she jokes.

It’s furious though amazing,” a new mom says, adding that “the large thing that flashes in my mind is what took me so long. Why did we wait so long? But we consider we was watchful for her.”

The maestro Broadway singer also mentions how a biggest warn of a whole tour has been “how most it changes your life and how most it changes your marriage.”

“There’s 6 months of like, ‘Oh my gosh, all has changed. How do we navigate this?’ ” she explains. “And afterwards we mangle detached and we reconstruct behind together — we turn this new section and it’s unequivocally pleasing and hard, and grown up.”

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Foster also reveals that adopting a daughter has caused her to feel an additional clarity of responsibility.

“I feel like we have a whole other family that we don’t wish to disappoint. we wish to make certain we do my best for her, and also for her whole birth family,” she says. “It’s unequivocally critical to me that we navigate it as kindly and bravely as possible.”

She also adds that she and her husband have “no secrets” when it comes to pity Emily’s story, adding that they “feel unequivocally blessed.”

Thank we @macys for creation Emily’s initial Santa knowledge so magical!!

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Foster’s repute reliable to PEOPLE exclusively in Apr that a couple, who wed in Oct 2014 after removing intent in Aug 2013, had welcomed their baby girl.

“Our lives are perpetually changed, and a hearts are exploding,” Foster told PEOPLE during a time.