Survivors remember impulse lethal gunfire erupted

Dad Texting with Daughter Inside Locked Down San Bernardino Facility

The shooters who non-stop glow in a discussion room during a California core for a developmentally infirm Wednesday didn’t contend anything before they started spraying a room with bullets, a father of a lady who was shot though survived said.

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Salaheen Kondoker’s wife, Annie, an environmental operative who works for San Bernardino County, was inside a discussion room when gunfire erupted during around 11 a.m. internal time.

“They only started sharpened … they didn’t scream or contend anything beforehand,” Salaheen Kondoker pronounced his mother told him.

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At slightest 14 people were killed in a uproar during a Inland Regional Center, military said.

Annie was shot twice in a palm and once in a stomach, though doctors pronounced no critical viscera were hit, her father said. She is being treated during Arrowhead County Hospital.

Two probable suspects, a male and a woman, were shot and killed in an sell of gunfire with military hours after a after officers chased a car that resembled one sought after a shooting, San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan told reporters.

A military officer was also hurt, though a damage was not life threatening, she said.

The sharpened took place in a discussion core in a building in a complex, that provides services to people with developmental disabilities, officials said.

Melinda Rivas, a amicable workman during a informal center, was in her bureau in when coworkers shouted that there had been a shooting. She and some-more than 40 other co-workers barricaded themselves in a discussion room until military gave a transparent to leave a building with their hands adult about 20 mins later.

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“They yelled down a gymnasium and pronounced there’s a sharpened downstairs, there’s a sharpened downstairs,” Rivas, told NBC Los Angeles after being taken by train to reunite with her adult twin children.

“I was numb; we didn’t know what to do or say. we was only in disbelief,” she said. “I called my kids and pronounced if something happens to me, there’s a sharpened here, only be protected — what else can we do?”

The sharpened took place in an auditorium in that a county Department of Public Health was holding an event, not distant from a building Rivas was in, she said.

Patrick Simpson’s daughter is an novice during a informal core and was in a building when shots began.

“I called her and she grabbed a phone, and she was murmur and pronounced that she was in a room with 9 other people, and she was during a building where this all happened and they changed them into a protected room,” Simpson told NBC News.

“She had only gotten there as all had only happened,” Simpson. “The notation she walked in they grabbed everybody and changed them to another room.”

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