‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Talks ‘Game Changers’ Week 2

[Warning: The following story contains spoilers from a third part of Survivor: Game Changers.]

Survivor has a humorous proceed of bringing things full circle.

Take Ciera Eastin as an example. The Blood vs Water and Second Chance veteran was a initial chairman voted out of Survivor: Game Changers, dejected underneath a competence of a 9-1 blowout vote, a tighten cousin of a 8-1 opinion opposite Marissa Peterson in Ciera’s first-ever Tribal Council. What’s more, Ciera’s initial and final Game Changers immunity plea was a same as a unequivocally initial plea she ever competed in. 

Now, take a latest foot as a latest example: Caleb Reynolds, who seemed on a 16th book of Big Brother before fasten a Survivor family. On a ninth day of his initial season, Caleb was medically evacuated from Kaoh Rong after a physically perfectionist prerogative plea — and on a ninth day of Game Changers, Caleb once again split ways with Survivor, despite underneath a some-more normal resources of Tribal Council.

For Caleb, there’s an combined component of laxity in his exit from a game. During Kaoh Rong, a supposed Beast Mode Cowboy was best famous for his tighten loyalty with associate Beauty clan member Tai Trang. For Game Changers, however, their loyalty wasn’t adequate to keep Tai from promulgation his aged crony Caleb off to Ponderosa — or “the house,” as another Survivor legend competence say.

Every week this season, Survivor host Jeff Probst will join The Hollywood Reporter for one final demeanour during a separated castaway: what a actor did right, what a actor did wrong, and a doubt Probst still ponders prolonged after snuffing their torch. With that said, review on for Probst’s final thoughts on Caleb.

What did Caleb do right?

Given a proceed Caleb left a diversion a initial time he played, there was a large doubt symbol surrounding his gameplay. He had to make a choice on either to come in clever or lay low. we suspicion Caleb did a unequivocally good pursuit of easing into things, removing a lay of a land and perplexing not to move too most courtesy to himself. He knew his earthy attributes were an item so there wasn’t any need to pull his agenda. we suspicion his proceed of teaming with a clever guys was a intelligent one. we also suspicion he rubbed Tai unequivocally well. He done Tai feel protected and nonetheless we never felt he was entirely committed to him.

What did Caleb do wrong?

Hindsight is always 20-20 so this isn’t a critique as most as backseat driving. The one area he competence have been a bit too loose about was substantiating to all a other players that he and Tai were not a joined twosome. That was a one large regard that any actor would have after examination a dual of them play together. Are they going to opinion as one? Will they ever opinion any other out? He indispensable to expect that doubt and try to get in front of it. Had he spent some-more time formulating his possess personal relations with people, he competence have been means to spin a tables on Tai.

What slow doubt do we still have prolonged after snuffing Caleb’s torch?

Does Caleb consider that personification Big Brother initial done it harder for him to play Survivor? The reason we ask is that Big Brother is such a unequivocally opposite game, and Caleb had such success with it that we mostly wondered if it shabby his Survivor gameplay. He came into Survivor with celebrity and utterly a bit of certainty that “I got this existence foe thing” down. But Survivor is a unequivocally worldly diversion of tellurian poker and Caleb might have underestimated it. we would have desired to have seen Caleb play Survivor first, since we consider his concentration would have been sharper. Does he agree?

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