Survivor Cambodia Recap – Joe Collapses, Eliminated: Season 31 Episode 12 “Second Chance”

Survivor Cambodia Recap - Joe Collapses, Eliminated: Season 31 Episode 12 Second Chance

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning array Survivor Cambodia front with all new behind to behind Wednesday Dec 2, deteriorate 31 part 12 called, “Second Chance,” and we have your weekly summation below! Tonight, another orphan is voted out of a game.

Survivor maroons a organisation of strangers (as one or some-more tribes) in an removed location, where they contingency yield food, water, fire, and preserve for themselves, while competing in hurdles to acquire possibly a reward, or an shield from exclusion from a diversion in a subsequent of a unbroken votes for elimination. While many reduction common than rejecting by vote, medical conditions, such as damage or infection, have separated several contestants. The final dual or 3 survivors face a jury stoical of a final seven, eight, or 9 players voted off. That jury interrogates a final few, and afterwards votes for a leader of a game, a pretension of Sole Survivor and a million dollar prize.

On a final episode, a relentless charge drowned a castaways’ spirits, though a fun prerogative plea offering a few players a glance into a Cambodian culture. Also, a “voting block” devise continued, as dual some-more people were voted out of a game. Did we watch a final episode? If we missed it we have a full and minute recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s part as per a CBS synopsis, “a Emotions run low when desired ones revisit a island, and a unfortunate prerogative plea leaves castaways’ heads spinning. Also, depletion takes a critical fee on one orphan in a center of an shield battle”

Tonight’s deteriorate 31 part 12 looks like they are going to be good and we won’t wish to skip them, so be certain to change in for a live coverage of CBS’s Survivor Cambodia episodes during 8:00 PM EST! While we wait for a summation strike a comments and let us know how vehement we are about deteriorate 31.

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#Survivor starts with Jeremy and Spencer articulate about strategy. Spencer is gratified he blindsided Fish and now knows he needs to keep Jeremy aligned with him. Jeremy didn’t wish Stephen left and doesn’t like this.

Kimmi suggests to Wentworth they get absolved of Joe if he doesn’t win shield that would set adult an all-girls alliance. Wentworth loves this. Kimmi afterwards takes a devise to Tasha who agrees to go after Joe. Kimmi wants to make a pierce to win.

It’s time for a #RewardChallenge! Jeff says it’s family revisit time and Jeremy’s mother Val is there. He runst to cuddle her. She’s profound and tells him it’s a boy. Tasha’s cousin Christina is there. They are anxious and giggly to see any other.

Spencer’s partner Marcella is there and he tells her he loves her. He’s so happy. Abi’s mom Vera is there and they welcome warmly. Keith’s mother Dana is there and he bear hugs her and picks her up. He says this will get him through.

Kelley’s father Dale is there and runs to cuddle her. Dale says it hurts given he knows what this diversion does to you. Joe’s father Pat is there – he couldn’t come final time. They cuddle parsimonious and lick on a lips (odd…). They are obvi unequivocally close.

Kimmi’s father is there and she runs screaming to him. Jeff says it’s time for a challenge. They have to puncture adult bags in a stand, spin around a post to get another bag afterwards cranky a change lamp for one more. Then they solve a word puzzle.

The answer is “nourishment” and a esteem is BBQ during stay with their desired one. They are off and using digging in a sand. Kimmi and Joe take an early lead. Keith moves into a lead afterwards Kimmi overtakes him again.

Kimmi is during a post spinning around. Keith starts spinning. Joe and Tasha locate up. Keith and Kimmi get their bags. Keith heads to a change lamp though falls off. He tries again. Keith is off and operative on untying his bags in a lead.

Abi falls and has to go back. Spencer is lagging too. Jeremy is operative on his nonplus and so is Joe. Kimmi is in final place and a others are all operative on their puzzle. Wentworth has it – we can tell and a others are staring.

Wentworth gets it and she runs to cuddle her dad. They get to collect 3 to join them. Kelley chooses Keith, Abi and Kimmi. Then Jeff says select one some-more and she goes with Joe as well. Spencer, Jeremy and Tasha’s desired ones have to leave.

The survivors conduct behind to stay with a desired ones that got to stay. The BBQ starts with beer, beef and more. Keith says he would have been happy with a 5th cousin though is anxious that it’s his wife. Joe shows his father some art he made.

Joe’s father tells him he’s a good crony to him and he never had a crony like Joe his whole life. He tells him he’s a unequivocally good son and his hero. Joe talks about how his father wasn’t sexual flourishing up. Joe says this is so special.

Spencer, Jeremy and Tasha speak devise and how it felt that they weren’t selected for a reward. Spencer tells Tasha that a thing with Fish wasn’t about her. He proposes a final 3 understanding and they all agree.

Tasha now knows she has dual good options – this understanding or a all-girl. Then they speak about holding Joe out next. Tasha says he has a earthy and amicable diversion so he’s a outrageous threat. Spencer says there might not be a lot of chances to get Joe out.

Now it’s time for a #ImmunityChallenge. Jeff takes behind a necklace from Spencer. They have to change a statue on a hang and a hang will get gradually higher. Jeff reveals there are dual necklaces currently – one for a man, one for a woman.

They take positions and it starts. They have to supplement some-more to their hang and they are all still in it. They are all 10 feet on a poles. Kimmi is out. Abi’s falls and she’s out. Kelley and Tasha are a usually women left. Tasha is out and Kelley gets immunity.

Spencer is out subsequent and Jeremy too. Keith and Joe are left in it. The guys have to put their final territory of hang in now. The breeze picks up. Joe’s hang is tortuous though he recovers. Keith’s starts relocating afterwards recovers.

It’s now one hour and 20 mins into a challenge. Joe’s falls and he’s down. Everyone runs over and Jeff calls for medical. It looks like Joe collapsed. Everyone is shocked. The medics try to revitalise him. His hands are twitching.

The others consternation what’s wrong. They put a BP slap on him and Joe starts to come around. Jeff asks what it is and a medic says his blood sugarine is too low. Joe says his legs went numb. The medic says he used adult all his appetite stores.

Joe’s hands are jolt and he says he only wanted it so bad and says he loves a game. Jeff says he is personification hard. The medic says we tumble given your physique wants some-more blood to your brain. Jeff says he’s not in risk and can play on.

They work to mount him up. Joe knows he’s exposed to get voted out and says there’s no reserve in Survivor. Keith wins a necklace and so does Wentworth. Jeff says Survivor is all about pulling yourself over than we would behind home.

Back during camp, a clan talks and they tell Joe to rest. He says he remembers saying stars afterwards he was going down. Abi says it was like a crazy soccer compare and to see Joe a Amazing remove to a 52 year aged male was amazing.

Abi says it’s time for Joe to go home. Wentworth tells Abi they can get absolved of Joe tonight. Kelley contend Joe pulling himself shows that he has to go. Joe goes to speak to Jeremy. He says Abi is a many dangerous to take to a end.

He says everybody wants to lay subsequent to her given she’s easy income to contest with. Joe says players should go to a finish not someone like her. He hopes he done a hole with Jeremy. Jeremy afterwards talks to Spencer and Tasha.

He proposes going after Abi. Tasha tells a guys that a women wish to go all-girls fondness though says she will hang with them. That gives Jeremy food for thought. Tasha asks if they’re shaken and they tell her no.

Tasha says she told them so they didn’t hear about it from someone else though now she worries that was a mistake. Spencer and Jeremy speak about a all-girl thing though Spencer is also disturbed about Joe. They speak about Keith and Joe.

But they also need a fifth. Tasha doesn’t wish to opinion for Abi and keep Joe. Later, they conduct to #TribalCouncil. The jury comes in – Kass, Savage, Wigglesworth, Ciera and Fishbach. Jeff asks Joe how he feels and he says not great.

Kimmi says it was an epic conflict between Keith and Joe and it was frightful for him to go down. Wentworth says it crosses your mind it’s a time to take him out given he stood there until he upheld out and can kick them to a end.

Jeremy says a subsequent few votes are crucial. Jeremy says now it moves some-more to alliances and divided from voting blocks. Jeremy says people know who is on a block. Joe and Abi both contend they’re on a chopping block.

Joe says Abi is in a mark to make it past opinion after vote. Spencer says if we can’t get to a final three, holding Abi wouldn’t matter if she blocks your spot. Abi says they need to get absolved of a bad apple. Joe says he hopes a devise moves forward.

He says a large threats down a line will fall. He says if we don’t have 4 after this, we will be gone. Jeff calls for a vote. We see Wentworth and Abi opinion for Joe. Joe votes for Abi. Spencer whispers this is possibly a winning or losing vote.

Jeff goes to count a votes and calls for an shield idol. The votes are: Joe, Abi, Tasha, Joe, Joe, Joe. He’s out and headed to a jury. Fish gives them a thumbs up. Joe wishes them luck. Jeff wonders if an fondness did this or if Joe was only a large threat.

Joe says he has no regrets. We see that Keith votes for Tasha and Spencer and Jeremy caved and voted opposite Joe. Joe also interjection a fans.