Survivor Cambodia Recap Abi Eliminated, Blindsided – Tasha Almost Drowns: Season 31 Episode 13 “Villains Have More Fun”

Survivor Cambodia Recap Abi Eliminated, Blindsided - Tasha Almost Drowns: Season 31 Episode 13 Villains Have More Fun

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning array Survivor Cambodia front with all new Wednesday Dec 9, deteriorate 31 part 13 called, “Villains Have More Fun,” and we have your weekly summation below! Tonight, another orphan will be voted out of a diversion and tensions arise as a castaways hasten to secure their place in a final three.

On a final episode, emotions ran low when desired ones visited a island, and a unfortunate prerogative plea left castaways’ heads spinning. Also, depletion took a critical fee on one orphan in a center of an shield battle. Did we watch a final episode? If we missed it we have a full and minute recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s part as per a CBS synopsis, “with a finish in sight, castaways hasten to indurate a devise for a final three. Also, a frightening occurrence during a shield plea sends shockwaves by a whole tribe, and castaways are rewarded with a devout recharge during a temples of Cambodia”

Tonight’s deteriorate 31 part 13 looks like it is going to be good and we won’t wish to skip it, so be certain to balance in for a live coverage of CBS’s Survivor Cambodia during 8:00 PM EST! While we wait for a summation strike a comments and let us know how vehement we are about deteriorate 31.

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#Survivor starts on night 32 during Orkun as a Tribe comes behind to stay after Joe was sent home. Abi talks pound and says everybody is blissful to see him gone. Kelley says they now have an equal shot during winning challenges. Keith is repelled they didn’t tell him about Joe’s vote.

He now has to speak to some people and afterwards a clan recounts a votes. Tasha knows that Keith voted for her and now she says he has a aim on his behind and she’ll be gripping an eye on him. Jeremy talks about 3 Hunahpu being in this final group.

Wentworth wonders what’s a best devise now. Spencer and Jeremy speak and he says he thinks they’re in difficulty and has distress about promulgation Joe home given a girls are now a majority. Spencer says he worries about Tasha and they determine to speak to her and Kimmi both.

Spencer says he doesn’t wish to play from a bottom again if a girls are a joined front. It’s time for a #RewardChallenge. Jeff greets them and explains it. They are trustworthy to a rope, have to interpretation it, make a bridge, cranky it and use sandbags to hit over blocks.

The leader goes behind to a temples where they started 33 days ago. They get food and a night spent in a temples. Jeff says it’s once in a lifetime. They ran this initial behind in deteriorate 29 and Keith won it. They start. It’s harder on Jeremy given he’s a bigger guy.

Spencer takes off anticipating he has adequate rope. Keith also heads out. Wentworth comes out for a try. Spencer starts putting together his bridge. Keith and Spencer are neck and neck afterwards Jeremy and Tasha. Abi is relocating slowly. Do a others have adequate rope?

Jeremy and Keith step down and Keith starts throwing sandbags. Jeremy runs out of wire and has to go back. Keith runs out of sandbags and goes to collect them to try again as Spencer starts throwing. Spencer runs out of wire and has to go back. Jeremy struggles with a knot.

Keith has his smoke-stack down though has to hit them off a table. Tasha starts throwing hers. Jeremy starts throwing. Keith has dual blocks left on a table. Jeremy runs to get some-more sandbags and runs out of rope. Keith wins it with one some-more throw.

Jeff tells Keith to select one chairman to go along. He chooses Wentworth and she interjection him. He says she brought his mother to him. Then Jeff says one some-more and Keith chooses Spencer. He asks Keith given Spencer and he says no genuine proof and says Spencer didn’t get to spend time with his desired one.

He forgets Tasha’s name for a impulse and she’s annoyed. Jeff asks if Tasha is annoyed. She says she takes advantage of each eventuality and says being behind during stay can be only as advantageous. She’s dissapoint he remembered her name.

She wonders if he’s personification a purpose or is unequivocally that slow. Keith, Spencer and Wentworth conduct out for their reward. Back during camp, they speak about how clever Keith is during hurdles and they call him a new golden boy. Tasha proposes promulgation him home and Kimmi says yes.

Abi says she’s a knave and villains have some-more fun. Jeremy balks on promulgation Keith home and Tasha says she thinks Jeremy is consider there’s an all-girls alliance. He’s already woeful promulgation Joe out instead of Abi. He says he doesn’t caring about a prerogative and is happy to be in camp.

Kimmi says they need to send Keith out and Tasha wants Jeremy to let go and opinion with her – or she’ll pierce on to someone else. At a temple, Spencer says this is a best prerogative of all. Monks hail them and give them a blessing.

Keith says he wouldn’t suppose being during a church in Cambodia and is only as expected to be on a convey to Mars. He says he doesn’t know how we would trump this. Some women dance for them. Wentworth watches and says she’ll never have this again.

She’s anxious to be on this one. She says she’s been on a bottom a lot and is so happy to be there. Then they lay down to eat pasta, booze and other Italian treats. Wentworth says she thinks Abi will be excellent and will still opinion with them.

Spencer says this would be a good final 3 and Keith says they should make it happen. Spencer suggests going after Tasha and keep Abi to use as a number. Wentworth says she’s excellent with going after Tasha. Spencer is disturbed Abi can be rational.

On day 33, they’re creation rice behind during stay and Tasha asks if she can speak to Jeremy alone. Abi says it’s okay. Abi says it would be improved to embody her though if she doesn’t wish her, that’s fine. Abi tells them to go talk. Jeremy asks if she’s a Scorpio given she’s crazy.

Abi leaves and Jeremy says he can’t even suppose dating her and thinks she’s crazy. Later, Tasha tells Jeremy they should go during Abi. He asks what about Keith being good during challenges. Tasha says they don’t need messiness given she’s volatile.

Tasha says they need trust and they can’t trust Abi. Later, Jeremy says he likes it given it’s one reduction girl. Tasha says they should speak to Spencer. Jeremy worries Spencer competence tell Wentworth and Keith a devise and blow it up.

It’s now time for a #ImmunityChallenge and Jeff takes a necklace behind from Keith. They have to run opposite H2O obstacles, collect a key, clear nonplus pieces and do it again. Jeff says this was a nonplus choice in Season 30 that wasn’t taken.

They start and Jeremy and Spencer take an early lead. Keith and Wentworth are in third and fourth. Spencer falls and has to go back. Spencer jumps in for his key. Spencer is behind and still ahead. Keith takes a tumble. Keith is in a H2O headed for a key.

Jeremy is swimming behind with his pivotal followed by Spencer. Keith and Wentworth are tighten behind. Spencer takes off forward of Jeremy on a approach behind opposite a obstacles. Kimmi and Abi are in final and Tasha is stranded perplexing to get a key.

Spencer takes a tough tumble and smacks his face afterwards has to go behind one and Jeremy pulls ahead. The nonplus only has 5 pieces. Tasha is still stranded on a key. Jeremy and Spencer are behind and Keith is tighten behind. Jeremy unlocks his pieces and Spencer does too.

They are both on a puzzle. Spencer solves it and wins particular immunity. He did a nonplus in reduction than 15 seconds. Tasha is still in a H2O and starts to struggle. Jeff calls for reserve people as she screams for help. Medical runs over.

They get her onto a height and she says she took in a lot of water. She struggles to breathe and a medic checks on her. She says she only ran out of appetite and swallowed a lot. Kimmi and Abi reason hands and worry. Jeff comes over to her.

The medic says she’s only tired and she panicked when she swallowed water. He says her oxygen levels are excellent and she’s not in any danger. Jeff says they can take her in when she’s prepared and she says she is and gets up. The others wait on a beach.

Kimmi says she frightened her and gives her a hug. Wentworth says they’re all only tired and it catches adult to you. Jeff talks to her and she says it’s frustrating and she didn’t have anything left. He tells Tasha to stay seated and he calls Spencer over.

Spencer goes to get his shield necklace and Jeff says when they tested that nonplus no one ever did it that fast. Jeff says a organisation clearly has intercourse a approach they are caring for Tasha though says they have to opinion someone else.

Keith says Tasha roughly drowned and says he’s still targeting her. Tasha says a sea is out of her comfort section given she’s from a Mid-West. She goes to travel down a beach. She’s shaken about tonight’s opinion and thinks they might come for her.

Keith, Wentworth, Abi and Spencer speak about holding out Tasha. Abi agrees. Tasha after goes to Jeremy and Spencer and says they can’t let Wentworth, Keith or Abi get to a end. She calls Abi a goat and says they owe it to a fans to do better.

Tasha suggests they go after Abi tonight. He says he wants to play with them and asks if they talked to Kimmi. She says they did. Now Spencer has to confirm what to do. They conduct to #TribalCouncil afterwards a jury comes in – Kass, Savage, Wigglesworth, Ciera, Fishbach and Joe who is all smiles.

Tasha says she felt like she was drowning currently and Spencer says any eventuality is a eventuality for change. Kimmi says statue speak always comes into play when they speak about numbers for voting. Jeff asks about a use of a word “we” and Jeremy says there are several groups.

Tasha says people are perplexing to keep their options open though that means they could be blank out. Jeff asks that of them are confident. Keith says he does. Keith says let’s do it – let’s vote. Spencer says he admires his certainty given he’s unsure. Jeremy waffles a bit.

Abi says she wonders that “we” she should go with and says she can change her mind. Kimmi votes for Abi. Keith votes for Tasha. Jeff goes to count a votes afterwards comes behind and calls for any idols. The opinion are: Abi, Tasha, Abi, Tasha, Abi, Keith, Abi.

They sent Abi home. Abi wishes them fitness and leaves. Jeremy smiles. Tasha looks smug. Keith did not get his approach after all notwithstanding his confidence. She tells them good played and goes. Later, Abi says she suspicion she was protected tonight and they blindsided her. She says it was a good experience.