‘Survivor 32 Kaoh Rong’ Spoilers: New Super Immunity Idols Add Game-Changing Power To Tribal Councils!

'Survivor 32 Kaoh Rong' Spoilers: New Super Immunity Idols Add Game-Changing Power To Tribal Councils!

“Survivor 32: Kaoh Rong” spoilers provoke a existence TV uncover will be giving a uncover a HUGE shield statue shakeup. TPTB suggested that a shield idols would all demeanour different, creation it tough to know for certain if a orphan found a genuine idol.

In deteriorate 32, “Survivor” horde Jeff Probst announced a new twist— if a orphan finds dual idols, they can bond them, giving a actor a super power. “The super energy statue will be identical to a solid energy of halt from ‘Big Brother,”‘ “Survivor” creator, Mark Burnett explained.

Each stay will have a dark shield idol, and a clan members will accept clues to hunt for a idols. The new turn this deteriorate is any shield statue can be combined, that would emanate a super idol, giving a actor some-more of an advantage during genealogical council.

According to Inside Survivor, any statue is a hand-carved wooden attire that looks like half a Yin-Yang symbol. The idols are means to bond together with a connector, formulating a incomparable idol. The connector is critical since it verifies a idols are both genuine—as usually an authentic statue will fit in a connector.

The accurate energy of a ‘super idol’ is vague. When a actor uses a singular idol, a powers are as they always have been, and any votes expel for them will not count towards eviction. The some-more idols played, a additional energy a orphan will have in genealogical council. At this point, it is not famous what it means for a diversion –  only that Jeff Probst suggested it was ‘a HUGE diversion changer. ‘

The idols will have animal forged on a front of them, symbolizing that clan a statue was found. The muscle clan will have a tiger, beauty will have a snake, and a smarts underline a crocodile. The new idols were seen on a deteriorate preview video shown final week on “Survivor: Second Chances” finale.

What powers do we consider a ‘super idol’ will give a “Survivor’ player? The large doubt is, could a ‘super idol’ save we AFTER a opinion has been read? Is it probable a statue can save dual people from going home?

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