Sunny Leone on passionate harassment: Never had any bad practice in B-Town

sunny leone kochi, balmy leone photos, balmy leone twittersunny leone kochi, balmy leone photos, balmy leone twitter Sunny Leone feels women should not be bashful about sharing their knowledge on harassment. 

She has been active in Bollywood for around 5 years and Sunny Leone says she has never faced passionate nuisance in a film industry. The Harvey Weinstein liaison in Hollywood non-stop adult a can of worms about incidents of passionate bungle occurring in showbiz, with several bigwigs including Kevin Spacey and Brett Ratner been indicted of it.

Asked about a issue, a 36-year-old actor says she always had her father Daniel Weber by her side, who guided her well. “With me, zero like this has happened here. Thank God, we did not have any bad experiences. But we have famous people and review things about people confronting it.

“I had my father Daniel always around me to fill in a nonsense that keeps happening. He did all a filtering, he done certain we was not hurt,” Sunny tells PTI in an talk here. The actor says women need to continue entrance brazen with their practice and set an instance for those who are mostly fearful of voicing their stories.

“The some-more women pronounce up, a easier it is going to be for that immature lady, who is confronting that conditions – be it during offices or open place. From conference these stories, she competence have a bravery to tell (her possess story).” Sunny, who recently adopted 21-month-old Nisha, is all praises for Kareena Kapoor Khan for distinguished a change in her veteran and personal life.

“Kareena is so sexy, pleasing and funny. She always looks good and is even operative today. There are women who, after apropos mothers, are strong, eccentric and are operative with a baby on a side, Kareena is a ideal instance (of this).” The Ragini MMS 2 actor is now bustling compelling her arriving film Tera Intezaar, in that she stars conflicting Arbaaz Khan.

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