Sue Kroll, Catherine Hardwick Among Industry Leaders Who Met Secretly to Discuss Hollywood’s Gender Bias

Hollywood’s tip decision-makers convened for a tip assembly in Oct directed during rebellious a industry’s gender bias.

A sum of 44 high-ranking celebration leaders, both masculine and female, participated in a two-day convention hosted by a Sundance Institute and Women in Film. Among a execs, agents, producers, writers and directors who incited out: Lionsgate’s Erik Feig, HBO’s Len Amato, The Walking Dead producer Glen Mazzara, Twilight executive Catherine Hardwicke, The Hunger Games author Nina Jacobson, Orange Is a New Black showrunner Jenji Kohan, Tristar’s Hannah Minghella and singer Maria Bello.

The entertainment came on a heels of a smaller confab with 10 pivotal organizers progressing this summer. It was that organisation — WME’s Adriana Alberghetti, Beyond a Lights author Stephanie Allain, CAA’s Chris Andrews and Micah Green, Fifty Shades of Grey producer Mike De Luca, The Butler producer Cassian Elwes, The Black List owner Franklin Leonard, BET’s Zola Mashariki, Pacific Standard co-founder Bruna Papandrea, UTA’s Rena Ronson, former WME representative and Macro founder Charles King — that motionless whom to entice to a October think tank. 

The incomparable meeting, that was hold during a Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, was designed not usually as a approach to try a systemic causes of gender disposition plaguing studios, networks and agencies, though also as an event to rise discernible stairs for elucidate a issue, that has come to a conduct recently interjection to Patricia Arquette’s 2014 Oscar’s speech, Jennifer Lawrence’s Lenny Letter letter on compensate inequality and a EEOC’s review into a serious miss of womanlike directors (among a 1,220 directors of a 100 top-grossing cinema from 2002 to 2012, 95.6% directors were masculine and usually 4.4% were female.)

To assistance promote a meeting, they brought in Carolyn Buck Luce and Rob Evans of Imaginal Labs who have worked with comparison executives from 40 Fortune 100 companies (including Google, Goldman Sachs, Time Warner, NBC Universal, Bloomberg and Intel) and helped them emanate strategies for women’s enrichment within their offices. Unconscious disposition consultant Judith Williams, who oversaw tellurian farrago during Google and is now doing so at Dropbox, also paid a organisation a revisit to pronounce about unintended taste in a workplace.

The participants also discussed investigate expelled over a past 4 years from a corner try between Sundance, WIF Los Angeles and USC Annenberg that examined a common barriers for womanlike filmmakers. After workshopping over mixed sessions to make clarity of a statistics, personal narratives and other information found in a reports, a leaders then spent a second day of a meet-up building unsentimental solutions to a obstacles that could feasibly be implemented opposite a industry.

Out of a entertainment came a few pivotal strategies that a top-level total intend to go behind and champion within their particular workplaces. One, “unconscious bias” training via a town. Two, a gender relation stamp given to a films, radio shows, prolongation companies, networks and studios creation a many swell in terms of gender parity. And three, a brotherhood module for gifted early-­to-­mid career womanlike directors.

“The time is right to accumulate attention care and start to residence these obstacles,” pronounced Sundance’s executive executive Keri Putnam. “The joining from participants creates me trust that a attention is prepared to try real, discernible solutions that emanate some-more opportunities for women. ”

Added Cathy Schulman, boss of Women In Film Los Angeles and boss of prolongation during STX Entertainment, of a rare assembly of competitors: “We are during an economic, amicable and informative tipping indicate and tolerable change is within reach. The time to act is now. Hollywood is surprisingly late in entrance to this celebration and this is a time for conversion.”

Here’s a full list of participants:

Adriana Alberghetti 

Agent and partner, WME 

Stephanie Allain  

Producer of HUSTLE FLOW, BEYOND THE LIGHTS and former Senior Vice President of Production, Columbia Pictures 

Victoria Alonso 

Executive Vice President of Physical Production, Marvel Studios 

Len Amato 

President, HBO Films 

Darla Anderson 

Producer of TOY STORY 3, CARS, MONSTERS INC., A BUG’S LIFE and Board of Directors, PGA 

Chris Andrews 

Agent, CAA 

Rowena Arguelles 

Agent, CAA 

Bonnie Arnold 

Co­President, Dreamworks Animation 

Glen Basner 

CEO of FilmNation 

Maria Bello 

Actor, activist, author and producer 

Andrea Berloff 

Screenwriter of WORLD TRADE CENTER, STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON and Board of Directors, WGA 

Cindy Chupack 

Writer/Executive Producer of SEX AND THE CITY, Writer/Co­Executive Producer of MODERN FAMILY and EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND 

Maha Dahkil 

Agent, CAA 

Mike De Luca 

Producer of SOCIAL NETWORK, FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, and former executive during Sony, New Line and Dreamworks 

Zanne Devine 

Executive Vice President of Film and Television, Miramax 

Cassian Elwes 

Producer / Executive Producer of THE BUTLER, DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, BLUE VALENTINE and former representative and Head of William Morris Independent 

Erik Feig 

Co­President, Lionsgate 

Sid Ganis 

Former executive during Sony Pictures, Lucasfilm, Warner Bros. and Paramount and former President of a Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences 

Liz Gateley 

Executive Vice President, Head of Programming, Lifetime Television 

Micah Green 

Agent and Co­Head of Film Finance, CAA 

Catherine Hardwicke 


Nina Jacobson 

Producer of THE HUNGER GAMES and DIARY OF A WIMPY KID series, former President, Walt Disney Motion Picture Group 

Charles King 

Founder of MACRO, and former representative and partner, WME 

Jenji Kohan 


Sue Kroll 

President of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures 

Franklin Leonard 

Founder of The Black List, former executive during Universal and during a prolongation companies of Will Smith, Sydney Pollack and Anthony Minghella, Leonardo DiCaprio, and John Goldwyn 

Linda Lichter 

Founding law partner of Lichter, Grossman, Nichols, Adler Feldman, Inc. 

Alix Madigan 

Head of Creative Affairs, Broad Green Pictures 

Zola Mashariki 

Executive Vice President, Head of Original Programming during BET Networks, former Senior Vice President, Fox Searchlight 

Glen Mazzara 

Creator and showrunner of DAMIEN, Executive Producer of THE WALKING DEAD and THE SHIELD and co­chair of a WGA’s Diversity Advisory Group 

Hannah Minghella 

President, Tristar Pictures and former President, Columbia Pictures 

Bruna Papandrea 

Co­founder of Pacific Standard, author of GONE GIRL, WILD, HOT PURSUIT 

Kimberly Peirce 

Director and author of BOYS DON’T CRY, CARRIE, STOP­LOSS, Western Council and National Board Member, DGA  

Lydia Dean Pilcher 


Gigi Pritzker 

CEO of OddLot Entertainment and Board Trustee, Sundance Institute 

Keri Putnam 

Executive Director, Sundance Institute 

Howard Rodman 

President, WGA 

Rena Ronson 

Agent, partner and Head of a Independent Film Group, UTA 

Michelle Satter 

Founding Director, Sundance Institute Feature Film Program 

Cathy Schulman 

Head of Production, STX Entertainment, President, Women In Film Los Angeles and Board Member, Film Independent 

Stacy Smith 

Director of Media, Diversity Social Change Initiative, USC and author of Women In Film/Sundance Institute research 

Mimi Steinbauer 

President and CEO, Radiant Films International 

Robin Swicord 

Screenwriter of LITTLE WOMEN, THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON, JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB, MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA, Governor for a Writers Branch of a Academy and Chair of a Nicholl Fellowship 

Paula Wagner 

Co­founder, Cruise/Wagner Productions, Producer of a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE trilogy, WAR OF THE WORLDS, THE LAST SAMURAI, former CEO, United Artists and Board Member, PGA