Stevie Wonder Shows Solidarity With NFL Stars, Takes A Knee In Concert To Protest Donald Trump!

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So inspiring!!! Let’s make it a trend!!!

Stevie Wonder achieved yesterday during a 2017 Global Citizen Festival in New York’s Central Park, and in doing so he motionless to take a mount — and a knee — to criticism Donald Trump and the divisiveness a President has brought to this country!!!

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The mythological performer took to his knees in pithy response to Trump’s Friday night “sons of bitches” comment about NFL players who have been kneeling for a National Anthem… and in doing so, Wonder done a absolute matter of his own!!

Watch a impulse occur on video (below):

Do we see this, Donald Trump?? Do we see what you’ve started with your prejudice and ignorance?! You’ve woken adult a race of genuine Americans to infer only how most they adore America — by peacefully and non-violently indicating out a flaws!!!

Good for Stevie Wonder and all a NFL players…. And Trump, we can fuck off and review a Constitution for once!

Of course, The Donald has continued to diatribe and soap-box about it like a baby.

Just in a final few hours, here’s what Trump has tweeted and retweeted these 4 things (below):


And retweeting a call for a protest of a private business? As a personality of a giveaway world? Seriously??

What a whiny, ignorant small baby.

[Image around MSNBC/YouTube.]

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