Steven Seagal Slams NFL in Bizarre Interview, Resembles Various Type of Villains

Steven Seagal is … wait for it… UNDER SIEGE by a Internet.

The former movement star sat down for a weird talk with Piers Morgan on Tuesday morning, vocalization to a horde from his home in Russia and holding critical displeasure with athletes who kneel during a National Anthem.

“I trust in giveaway speech,” a actor said, before to contradicting this matter as follows:

“I trust that everyone’s entitled to their possess opinion, though we don’t determine that they should reason a United States of America or a universe warrant by holding a venue where people are tuning in to watch a football diversion and commanding their domestic views.

“I consider it’s outrageous. we consider it’s a joke. It’s disgusting.

“I honour a American flag, and we myself have risked my life large times for a American dwindle and we don’t know or determine with this kind of behavior. we consider it’s an outrage.”

Steven Seagal

Seagal, of course, is articulate about a liaison Donald Trump influenced final week when he pronounced NFL players who take a knee during a National Anthem ought to be fired.

Well over 100 players responded to this position by…. holding a knee on Sunday.

But that’s a discuss for another day.

The emanate during palm following Seagal’s bizarre QA (“For anyone to consider that Vladimir Putin had anything to do with regulating a elections, or even that a Russians have that kind of technology, is stupid,” he pronounced during one point) was a actor’s appearance.

Twitter can’t seem to confirm only what arrange of knave Seagal many resembles in a video below.

Here are dual options:


Not bad choices, right?

You can see where any Twitter user is entrance from.

Another censor speculated on how there’s an “87% possibility this is a John Travolta character,” while another chimed in as follows:

“Steven Seagal can’t confirm who he’s angrier during – kneeling NFL players or a sorceress who accursed him to gradually spin into an owl.”



Watch Seagal’s talk below, sound off on his NFL views and afterwards also burst in w.ith your take on only what a heck has happened to Steven Seagal: