Steve Austin On Roman Reigns Being A Star, If WWE Should Turn Him Heel, Advice For Big Cass, More

Source: The Steve Austin Show

Recently on The Steve Austin Show, WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin common his thoughts on Roman Reigns and a argument between former tab partners Big Cass and Enzo Amore.

On a theme of Reigns, Austin praised ‘The Big Dog”s demeanour and his in-ring work. According to ‘The Texas Rattlesnake’, Reigns’ storylines have been strike or miss, though he enjoyed Reigns’ module with AJ Styles.

“I consider he [has] got a good physique, a good looking guy, a flattering damn good worker. Storylines have been kind of on and off, hot/cold. Roman Reigns in and of himself, we consider he has ‘star’ created all over him. He has still got to find his way. He still has to stand his approach adult a ladder. He’s built to take a road. He’s always in shape. He doesn’t get gassed out in his matches. There’s a lot to like about a guy, so when they came out as The Shield, those 3 guys, him, Seth [Rollins], and Dean Ambrose, when they came out as The Shield, they were unequivocally prohibited as heels. And all of a sudden, they separate them up. And Roman, we don’t know, came out of that… All of those guys had to find their approach and Vince [McMahon] kind of picked him to be a babyface and since of a response he was removing when he strike a ring. He unequivocally draws your attention. If they get his storylines straightened out, we consider a kid’s going to be fine. we only consider they need to keep using him like they’re using him. He’s doing [well] in a ring. we desired his matches with AJ.”

In Austin’s view, Reigns should not be incited heel for a possess sake, as it should be finished organically if during all.

“I consider we keep him on a highway that he’s on and we don’t spin him heel only for a consequence of branch him heel to make a fans happy since you’re not pulling him anymore since if you’re going to spin him heel, you’re going to pull him even harder. Then, if we were sleepy of him to start with since he was overpushed to start with, in your opinion, afterwards you’re not going to like him as a heel either. So if he keeps going down a highway in a conform that he is, though afterwards turns, in an organic fashion, heel, when a time is right, or only stays down a road, a child is going to be only fine.” Austin added, “he still has things to learn in a ring. He still has to work during removing to a tip level, though he’s a tip guy, in my opinion.”

During a podcast, Austin compared Reigns’ churned throng greeting to Cena’s and argued that Reigns has a certainty to take a boos from a throng in stride.

“Look during John Cena. Now, he [has] been on tip for over 10 years and has had a [pro wrestling] career that is positively phenomenal, though he still infrequently has those divided chants. But, nonetheless, there’s electricity in a atmosphere and everybody is engaged. And he has been means to have such a clever mindset to not get in his conduct and disaster with him. That’s a certainty of John Cena. we consider that Roman Reigns has a same form of certainty and self-belief that he is going to continue those bad chants and he’ll finish adult removing over.”

Austin claimed that Reigns is relocating in a right direction, as ‘The Guy’ is relaxation adult and stability to get over.

“He’s starting to disencumber adult and uncover some celebrity and we like it. And so I’m looking brazen to see Roman keep developing. To me, here’s a male who’s starting to get some certainty behind him.” Austin continued, “whatever purpose Roman’s in, he’s unequivocally settling into a slit here. we have here Braun [Strowman] is unequivocally over as a baby. Roman continues to get over. I’m unequivocally looking brazen to this match.”

‘The Bionic Redneck’ also had some recommendation for Cass, suggesting that a large male should maybe investigate a oeuvre of a heel Barry Windham.

“All he has to do is good, plain work. Don’t fly like a cruiserweight. Don’t worry about holding a large bumps. Just work logic. Be mean. Be vicious. Sell when it’s your time to sell. Don’t spin into super doormat mode. Don’t oversell. Just sell. And learn. And infrequently when you’re operative a male that’s smaller than you, register and if they get we into sell mode, afterwards we sell, though be infamous in your heat. Good fitness to Big Cass. Good fitness to both of them.”

Austin said, “right now, in this heel capillary that he’s going, maybe even heel Barry Windham. But we favourite Barry improved as a baby. we don’t wish to contend Bruiser [Brody] since anybody could investigate Bruiser since of only a generality of what he did was awesome.”

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