Stephen Colbert Investigates a Alleged Trump "Pee Pee Tape" During "Russia Week"

“This competence be my favorite night of a whole Russia Week.”

The Late Show‘s “Russia Week” continued Thursday night with horde Stephen Colbert rising an review into what he referred to as “the pee pee tape.”

“This competence be my favorite night of a whole Russia Week, since this night is unequivocally because we went,” he announced on a show. 

Colbert combined that he wanted to demeanour into “the genuine news” that a media during vast deliberate “too salacious” to demeanour into, “but it’s a usually partial we caring about!” he said, starting a “pee pee tape” intone with his audience. 

The fasten in doubt allegedly shows President Donald Trump examination prostitutes urinate on a bed as described in a now-infamous Trump dossier expelled by BuzzFeed in January. Tuesday’s uncover also aired a Cribs-style shave of Colbert furloughed a presidential apartment during a Ritz-Carlton in Moscow where a activities allegedly took place.

“Well theory what! There was one male dauntless adequate to go to Moscow and check it out.”

While in Russia, Colbert asked anyone he saw if they had seen “the pee pee tape.”

“For some reason, seeking pointless people for a pee pee fasten wasn’t working,” according to Colbert, so he simply checked in to a hotel and saw a barbarous hotel room himself. 

“It’s dripping in history, it only washes over you,” he joked. “It’s not even like it’s in a past, you’re in history.” 

Using a blacklight to check a room, he found “fake news never happened sad” created on a wall. 

“Join us as a inquisitive broadcasting continues,” Colbert said, as he jumped on a bed chanting “pee pee tape.”