Stephanie McMahon On The Potential Sale Of WWE, Transforming WWE And The Women’s Division

Stephanie McMahon spoke with Bloomberg Businessweek on on a awaiting of offered WWE, a women’s division, and changing how WWE is viewed. Here are some of a highlights:

If they would sell WWE to large media (Walt Disney, 21st Century Fox, etc) looking for live content:

“We’ve positively suspicion about it. It would be ridiculous not to.”

Transforming WWE into some-more of a mainstream product:

“There was a time when it came opposite as seedy, kind of personification to bar brawls. [Now] a lines of business are unequivocally some-more same to Disney than they are to anything else.”

Looking to expanding their farrago on a roster:

“Forty percent of a talent register is international. We’re looking to grow that.”

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Changing how a WWE women’s multiplication is viewed:

“I never felt good about a approach we portrayed a women. It was something that we spoke adult opposite for utterly some time. But it took me a while to have a stronger voice in a room. Ultimately, a voice that indispensable to be listened was a fan base.”

McMahon also discussed some-more about appealing to their general audience. You can check out a full talk by clicking here.