‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Hits $250M Worldwide Box Office In 3 Days

4TH UPDATE, SATURDAY AM PT, modernise for updates: After adding Spain and Japan on Friday, Star Wars: The Force Awakens now has an general cume estimated during $129.5M. Coupled with domestic, that brings a organisation of a Millennium Falcon to a vast $250M worldwide in only a initial 3 days of play. MORE

3RD UPDATE, FRIDAY 8:45 AM PT, modernise for latest…: Star Wars: The Force Awakens has non-stop No. 1 in 44 abroad territories sum on Wednesday and Thursday. After an initial crawl on Wednesday of $14.1M, a cume with Thursday enclosed is now $72.7M. That brings a tellurian sum nearby $130M with Thursday domestic previews estimated during $57M.

Going on a $14.1M guess in 12 markets from Wednesday, Star Wars added $58.6M on Thursday with an additional 32 markets in a mix. Of those, a UK was vast with an updated $14.4M on Day 1. Records continue to be strike by an asteroid field. They now embody a biggest singular day of all time in a UK/Ireland, Germany, Norway and Sweden. Plus, a best initial day ever in a UK/Ireland, Germany, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, French-speaking Switzerland, Austria, Ukraine, Slovakia, Croatia, Iceland, Serbia, Chile, and Peru. (Wow, that kind of felt like a Kessel run.)

Again looking to Jurassic World as a comp, a 2nd day (a Thursday in June), picked adult $41.6M. That was in 45 markets including China. Star Wars does not strike a Middle Kingdom until Jan 9. JW’s cume by a finish of a Thursday internationally was $65.6M including previews.

As for other annals beaten by Han, Rey, Finn, Poe, BB-8 and — OK — Kylo Ren, here we go: This is a biggest Disney opening of all time in France, Denmark, South Africa, Czech Republic, and Turkey; and a biggest Dec opening day in France, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. Those final markets will be engaging to watch given they’re not as informed with a authorization and some have likely underperformance there. At a same time, we’re conference increasing predictions altogether for a opening weekend globally.

Imax, for a vast format part, set annals in a UK/Ireland, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Austria, Turkey, Portugal, Qatar, UAE, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, Chile, Costa Rica, and Trinidad.

PREVIOUS, FRIDAY 4:30 AM PT: After holding $14.1M on a opening day in 12 markets on Wednesday, The Force Awakens went into light speed in a UK on Thursday with an estimated £9.6M — that’s $14.3M in one day and one marketplace alone. This beats all prior comers to post a biggest opening day of all time in Britain, and a biggest singular day in internal attention history. Midnight showings were value £2.4M ($3.6M), blustering all records. Putting this in some perspective, Spectre recently bent to $6.4M in Monday previews, after starting showings during 8:15 PM local. Its initial full day in late Oct was a Tuesday and banked $9.2M. The top-grossing film ever in a UK, Skyfall, had a Friday opening day of £6.2M in 2012.

As recently as early this week, we were conference predictions of a £31M ($46.3M) SWTFA entrance UK frame, though internal sources have upped that to a operation of £34M-£43M ($50.8M-$64.2M). Spectre‘s FSS was £20.4M ($31.2M); Skyfall‘s was £20.1M ($31M in today’s dollars).

The Force Awakens pennyless pre-sales annals a prolonged time ago in a UK universe with some-more than 200K in a initial 24 hours. Disney reports that exhibitors ceaselessly combined screens to accommodate direct that resulted in a sum of 2M reservations forward of a release. There are still walk-up ducats accessible this weekend, a attention has been clever to report. Along with a UK, and among others, Germany, Australia, Russia, Korea, Brazil and Mexico non-stop Thursday. Japan and Spain entrance today. We’ll be behind with some-more numbers.

PREVIOUS, THURSDAY, 11:55 AM PT: Star Wars: The Force Awakens opened in 12 unfamiliar markets on Wednesday, blustering a approach to No. 1 in any with a common $14.1M. While domestic B.O. analysts’ varying projections pinpoint Star Wars‘ first weekend between $180M-$220M during 4,134 theaters (the widest recover ever in December), abroad analysts have a identical spread, saying a unfamiliar opening between $250M all a approach adult to Jurassic World‘s general entrance record of $316.1M.

Previews in a U.S. start tonight during 7 PM, and many of a city is already betting a record of $50M, outstripping Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 2‘s midnight preview moolah of $43.5M. At this indicate in time, domestic presales are projected during $100M for a JJ Abrams film. Anything over $208.8M this weekend in a U.S. and Canada beats a all-time entrance record set by Jurassic World in June.

As for Wednesday, France chalked adult $5.2M creation it a biggest opening day ever in December, some-more than doubling a initial day of Avengers and roughly double a initial day of Jurassic World. The internal French attention runs a charts in terms of admissions rather than euro or dollar figures. Using that standard, The Force Awakens had a second best opening of 2015 with 619,200 tickets sole compared to No. 1 Spectre’s 850,297 — that was on a holiday Wednesday, when relatives and kids both had a day off (previews were enclosed in a admissions tally). In dollars, Rey, Finn, Poe BB-8 took $5.2M on Wednesday with no previews. Spectre’s Wednesday take was $4.4M. On a all-time initial day chart, SWTFA comes in No. 12 in terms of admissions, though it’s critical to remember that this new section has 3D that gathering 72% of box bureau on opening day and will continue to be a cause in dollar grosses.

Italy, meanwhile, bent to $2M for a biggest opening singular day in December, and for a Star Wars installment as good as scarcely twice what The Hobbit: The Battle of a Five Armies did on a initial day final year. Sweden‘s $1.7M and Norway‘s $1.1M are a biggest attention initial and singular days ever for any film.

Other all-time opening day annals were strike in Belgium ($800K), Finland ($600K), a Netherlands ($800K) and French-speaking Switzerland. Denmark‘s $1M reps a biggest opening day for any Disney film, as is a B.O. done in South Africa (unreported by Disney). And of course, all total are a biggest opening day for any Star Wars authorization pretension ever. Disney also reports Imax is rallying with record starts in several markets.

Comps in a same apartment of SWTFA‘s 12 markets from Wednesday are not apples-to-apples, though given that we’ve been looking during Jurassic World as a intensity comp over a past several months, it’s value it to note that a initial day behind in Jun was value $21M in 8 territories and incompatible previews. Of that, $17.24M came from China (The Force doesn’t incite in a Middle Kingdom until Jan 9) and a rest was from France, Belgium, Egypt, Indonesia, a Philippines, French-speaking Switzerland and Trinidad; some of those markets also in SWTFA’s opening apartment as noted.

Major markets outward a U.S. on a prior Star Wars authorization films have rather consistently been Japan, a UK, Germany, Australia, France and Italy. So distant so good in both a latter two. The UK, Germany and Oz non-stop currently along with 29 some-more that embody Russia, Korea, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. Japan and Spain entrance tomorrow. Those not personification Force Awakens this weekend include China, India and Greece.

Exhibitors in a U.S. saw Force Awakens for a initial time yesterday and soon embraced it. Hands down, it’s a film that will trigger mixed viewings and hillside in a ton of benefaction sales for museum owners.