‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Cast Spills Filming Secrets On ‘Conan’

The Force was clever for Conan O’Brien, as he welcomed a expel and executive of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ on Dec. 17. It was so extraordinary to see a whole group and hear their tales about filming a rarely expected movie, now we wish to see it even more!

The expel of a biggest film in sci-fi geekdom seemed on a Dec. 17 part of Conan. Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, Lupita Nyong’o and Gwendoline Christie brought a intergalactic conflict between a Resistance and a First Order to Conan O’Brien, and of course, executive J.J. Abrams was there! We got to hear from both a films vets as good as newcomers about what a Star Wars knowledge was like.

Conan kicked things off with an interview with Harrison and J.J. and got Harrison to exhibit that he wanted his iconic impression Han Solo killed off in The Return Of The Jedi. He suspicion “the best application for a impression would be to scapegoat himself to a larger ideal,” and we’re SO blissful that didn’t happen, since we gamble he never in a million years suspicion he’d be reprising a role. He even joked about a broken leg he suffered while filming saying, “It wasn’t so bad, means we was a core of attention.”

As to either J.J. was nervous to approach Harrison a helmer joked, “It’s a mythological actor in an iconic purpose and we suspicion what a Hell am we doing here and diversion faced.” But Harrison in all earnest said, “He was right 99 percent of a time…and unusually good matched for this job.” Wow, that’s HUGE regard entrance from such a superstar!

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Carrie suggested there was so most privacy about a script, a actors were usually authorised to review their lines for their sold scenes and give a book back. Even Oscar and Adam – who had co-starred in a prior film together – had no thought any other had been expel in a film until they showed adult for a full expel a list read. Such secrecy!

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Newcomer John common that a initial time he hold a light saber, “it was cold and utterly complicated and a eremite experience,” while his talk co-hort Daisy suggested she done a vital mistake pas in her initial stage with Harrison aboard a Millenium Falcon, when she stepped into his commander chair and he clearly let her know it was HIS. “It was honestly mortifying,” a movie’s new heroine laughed. Oscar common a waggish confront where he asked real-life commander Harrison what he should do to make flying an X-wing fighter demeanour some-more real, to that Harrsion suggested him, “It’s fake…and it’s a movie.” ZING!

What did we consider of a Star Wars cast’s coming on Conan, HollywoodLifers?