Spy poisoning: Russia says UK is ‘playing with fire’

Media captionMoscow’s UN envoy Vasily Nebenzia: “You are personification with glow and we will be sorry”

Russia has indicted a UK of inventing a “fake story” and “playing with fire” over a Salisbury view poisoning.

Moscow’s UN envoy Vasily Nebenzia told a assembly of a UN Security Council: “We have told a British colleagues that we are personification with glow and we will be sorry.”

The UK claims Russia is behind a attack. Moscow denies responsibility.

Britain’s UN deputy Karen Pierce pronounced a UK’s actions “stand adult to any scrutiny”.

She likened Moscow’s requests to take partial in a review to an arsonist questioning his possess fire.

Russian former view Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found comatose in Salisbury on 4 March.

Ms Skripal, 33, is recuperating in sanatorium and has diminished a matter saying her “strength is flourishing daily”.

Her father, 66, stays critically ill though stable.

‘Propaganda war’

Moscow called a special assembly of a Security Council in New York to plead a attack, observant Britain had “legitimate questions” to answer.

Mr Nebenzia pronounced a accusations were “horrific and unsubstantiated”, and claimed a UK was waging a “propaganda war” opposite Russia.

He pronounced Novichok – a organisation of haughtiness deputy used in a poisoning – is “not copyrighted by Russia, in annoy of a apparently Russian name” and has been grown in many countries.

“It’s some arrange of entertainment of a absurd. Couldn’t we come adult with a improved feign story?” he asked.

In his matter to a 15-member council, Mr Nebenzia questioned because Russia would discharge someone regulating a “dangerous and rarely public” method.

He contrasted a use of a chemical with a “hundreds of crafty ways of murdering someone” shown in British array Midsomer Murders.

Image caption

Sergei Skripal, 66, and his daughter Yulia, 33, sojourn in hospital

Responding, a British Ambassador to a UN, Karen Pierce, indicted Russia of seeking to “undermine a general institutions that have kept us protected given a Second World War”.

She pronounced Russia came underneath guess for several reasons, observant it had “a record of conducting state-sponsored assassinations” and that it “views defectors as suitable targets for assassination”.

Ms Pierce told representatives that Russia’s ask to revisit Ms Skripal had been upheld on and “we wait her response”.

“Ms Skripal’s possess wishes need to be taken into account,” Ms Pierce added.

Meanwhile, US deputy Kelley Currie pronounced Russia was attempting to use a Security Council “for domestic gains”, adding: “This is not a tactic that is suitable for this body.”

It comes amid an sharpening tactful predicament between Moscow and a West as 60 diminished US envoys left Russia on Thursday.

More than 20 countries have diminished Russian envoys in oneness with a UK, following Britain’s initial exclusion of 23 Russian diplomats.

The UK supervision has constantly confirmed Russia was behind a attack, claiming there is “no other trustworthy explanation”.

On Wednesday, Russia due a corner review into a poisoning but a thought was voted down by a Organisation for a Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

In a press conference, Russian envoy to a UK, Alexander Yakovenko, pronounced it noted a opinion opposite “transparency”.

Meanwhile on Thursday, UK military released a matter on interest of Yulia Skripal in that she pronounced her strength was “growing daily”.

It came shortly after Russian TV aired a recording of an purported phone conversation between Ms Skripal and her cousin.