Spencer Pratt Reveals Taylor Swift & Her Mom Thanked Him For Unwavering Support Amid ‘Let’s Hate Taylor’ Phase

Good man Spencer Pratt!!!

Taylor Swift took a lot of feverishness dual years ago when her argument with Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West strike a rise over a sold set of Yeezy lyrics on Famous and a Snapchat video of a leaked phone call, yet Spencer has never corroborated off from Taylor’s side!

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Speaking to Jenny McCarthy on her Sirius XM radio show this week in a code new interview, Pratt non-stop adult and got genuine about not usually that sold impulse in Swift history, yet a artist’s growth as a thespian and a chairman in a indirect dual years.

For one, he laid a record true on what he thinks happened between Swift and Kanye over a phone dual years ago (below):

“Everyone was throwing snakes on her comments since of something we knew in my heart that Taylor Swift would have never [done] … She’s a biggest star on a planet. She doesn’t need to approve Kanye to contend some run-down donkey lyrics like that.”


Beyond that, though, Pratt got genuine about his attribute with Swift, and how most a luminary has meant to a famed existence TV knave and his wife, Heidi Montag.

After everybody “jumped” on a “let’s hatred Taylor” train, Spencer says, and Swift expelled Look What You Made Me Do, a singular had a surpassing impact on him:

“I felt that same hatred that she was traffic with on an even bigger scale. Even Heidi says it’s like a Holy Spirit took over me. we felt [the single] so passionately. And afterwards a manuscript was so freakin’ unimaginable that it done even being a genuine fan so easy. we unequivocally did get dependant to personification ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ … we said, ‘God, we wish Taylor knows I’m out here unequivocally ancillary her.'”


OK then!

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But apparently Swift did know Spencer was out her ancillary her, since right before her debate kicked off, a thespian sent a Pratts a VIP invite, and front-row tickets to one of a shows!

Then, only mins before Swift was set to strike a stage, something else good happened for Spencer — and he says it unequivocally sums adult only how good Taylor Swift is:

“I get an e-mail from her publicist — a angel from heaven, Tree — she’s like ‘Hey, we’re gonna lift we behind before a show.’ She brought us into her sauce room before a show, and her and her mom were thanking me for my support … She is a genuine deal. This lady deserves all her success. It was only super absolute for me as an egomaniac to see.”

So cute!

And yes, in box we were wondering (we know we are), Spencer did present a clear to Taylor.

Because of course!!!

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