Southern Charm’s Cameran Eubanks Reveals Her Daughter Palmer is Not On Santa’s List This Year

Has Cameran Eubanks daughter Palmer been disobedient this year? The existence star suggested during a QA with fans that Santa will not be profitable a revisit to her home this year.

During an Instagram story on Wednesday, Dec 5 a 35-year-old Southern Charm star suggested a extraordinary news, “Nothing. She has enough. Santa will come when she understands.” I theory during usually 13-months, Eubanks has a point.

Eubanks who is married to Jason Wimberly welcomed Palmer in Nov 2017. The Bravo star was really honest about her perplexity about apropos a mom in prior seasons. After Eubanks sought therapy to work by her fears of being a mom a existence star came to a realization that she, in fact, wanted to have a family with Wimberly.

Everyone is always seeking me in hindsight what we wished we purebred for. Nobody tells we how tough it can be to take a bustling baby’s temperature. If we have an active baby like Palmer, removing them to reason still is a pain. The Braun ThermoScan 5 is a lifesaver and SO easy to use. You simply place it in baby’s ear and boom…an accurate temperature. Baby is happy. Mama is happy. Heck I’ve used it on my father too. I’m all for products that make a moms life a small easier. #braunpartner

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Cameran Eubanks was propitious when it came to perplexing to conceive. She certified to her fans on Wednesday that she got profound on “the initial try.”

So a large doubt for a Eubanks-Wimberly domicile is will there be another small one to join a family? The TV celebrity reported to several of her fans questions about giving Palmer a kin with a reply, “No. One and done.”

Eubanks was underneath inspection when she formerly suggested that she had motionless to stop breastfeeding her daughter during 3 months. At a time she went to her amicable media essay about a decision.

The Native Americans trust that your children do not go to you…they are lent to we by a Creator. This creates clarity to me. They come to this earth as life’s biggest teachers. They force we to see a amiability in others. They alleviate you….they also can leave we riddled with stress and a ability to nap well. 😝 All in all, carrying a child is certainly one of life’s biggest experiences. Happy Birthday to my Palmer. 💗

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“I know I’m opening adult the floodgates with this one. You see, I’m not quitting since my divert supply dusty adult or since I’m ill . . . I’m quitting since I’m only plain OVER IT. By CHOICE.”

“I know we will get lectured and judged by this though it doesn’t worry me,” she continued. “I need some leisure behind for my reason and a bottle and regulation will concede that. You are NOT a bad mom if we don’t like breastfeeding.”