‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Fires Back At Ex Thomas Ravenel’s Claim That She Drank While Pregnant!

Kathryn Dennis has had ENOUGH!

As we reported, amid their persisting control battle, Thomas Ravenel indicted his ex of buying, selling, and trade medication drugs to and from “friends, expel members and uncover producers to support her medication drug habit.”

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The former Southern Charm star also purported that his dual children with Dennis — daughter Kensington Calhoun, 4, and son St. Julien Rembert, 3 — have “developmental and behavioral problems” since of their mom.

Additionally, a politician “believes that [their youngest child’s developmental and behavioral problems] are a outcome of Mother’s drug and ethanol expenditure while S.J.R. was in utero.”

On Wednesday, a People source is banishment behind during a former State Treasurer of South Carolina’s claim. The insider said:

“Kathryn suspicion Thomas’ filing was vile. To advise she was consciously celebration and doing drugs even after she knew she was profound is totally infamous and not true.”

The source also believes Ravenel’s new filing “is a deflection” of his possess authorised issues, including his attack and battery charges following allegations of passionate bungle from his children’s former nanny.

“He knows that there’s distant worse things entrance out about him — be it his rapist box or a polite box — and he’s perplexing to make a large bitch about Kathryn to pivot. He’s unequivocally Trumpian in this matter… If we truly suspicion your children were in danger, because would have waited until she filed something? She was triggered to record a control composition after he got arrested — what’s his trigger to record this, other than revenge?”

In response to his explain that Dennis prioritizes radio celebrity over her children, a insider remarked:

“If she looks happy, he’ll do anything to make her suffer. It’s not what normal, healthy relatives do. The children merit improved from their father, they unequivocally do… Thomas has nonetheless to make [his children] a priority. This filing wasn’t to assistance them, it was to mistreat her.”

The source continued:

“Kathryn’s kids are her priority. If she unequivocally suspicion she was doing any mistreat to them whatsoever, she would wish a best chairman to take caring of them… She’s concerned in their lives. She has a appetite to be stupid with them; to play house games and do art projects. She’s unequivocally hands-on, nurturing, and witty with them. And she wants them to be happy; she wants them to be safe. She unequivocally does have their best interests… Even with a divorce, she was a one who wanted them to see a therapist — to get help, and get counseling. She suspicion any child going by this situation, it could help.”

In response, Ravenel’s attorney Kelley Dupre Andrews-Edwards released a following statement:

“Mr. Ravenel’s retaliation opposite Ms. Dennis is a accurate pleading, definition he swore underneath promise as to a truth of a allegations done therein. No profession would warn their customer to determine a pleading unless justification existed during a time of filing to justify his or her claims. Mr. Ravenel’ s solitary regard is and always has been a reserve and wellbeing of a parties’ children.”

In 2016, Dennis lost control of her kids and entered rehab after unwell a drug exam where she tested certain for marijuana.

However, during a Jul 2018 deteriorate culmination of a strike Bravo show, viewers schooled that a dual share 50/50 custody.

Dennis began her authorised conflict for primary control in Oct 2018.

[Image around Kathryn Dennis/Instagram.]