Sound Off Reactions On Which SummerSlam Match You’re Most Interested In

SummerSlam is only a week divided (updated label here) and yesterday we asked that compare you’re looking brazen to a most. The leader was flattering apparent with a Fatal 4-Way Universal Championship Match between Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, and Braun Strowman removing a many votes. Coming in second was a U.S. Championship compare between AJ Styles and Kevin Owens. Lot of negativity going into this PPV yet as many remarkable how feeble requisitioned a altogether label is this year with a miss of rave for many of a matches and altogether length of a show.

Thanks to everybody who responded, here are some of a tip comments:

“80% of a comments will be about a Fatal 4-Way and a rest will be about how bad a product is right now.”

Marky Mark:
“I’m torn. The Fatal 4-Way should be an all out spit handgrip with those 4 guys only putting on an implausible compare filled with heartless spots and we have no thought who will win. On a other hand, Styles and Owens are expected going to try and take a show. So I’m vehement for a Fatal 4-Way since we know it’s going to be awesome, though I’m vehement for a US pretension compare since it could be a masterpiece.”

Big Daddy D:
“Definitely no critic looking brazen to Ken Patera vs. Bad News Brown.”

The Greek Guy™:
“Fatal 4-Way mostly. An extraordinary build adult so distant that will presumably cap in an extraordinary compare respectively. I’m also meddlesome in a WWE Championship match. Say what we wish about a Mahal – Nakamura compare in terms of star/drawing power, prestige, though during slightest we can’t contend that a outcome is predictable. In my book, there is no favorite in that match.”

Foxy Pamyu Pamyu:
“I consider a match-up I’m looking brazen to a many is a audience’s courtesy camber vs. a length of a show.”

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