Sonu Nigam: Radio took divided indie music’s business

Sonu Nigam, sonu nigam azaan tweet, Punjab and Haryana High CourtSonu Nigam, sonu nigam azaan tweet, Punjab and Haryana High Court Sonu Nigam is certain that a unfolding can change overnight if a height lends support.

Radio has detained a expansion of a eccentric strain stage in India, says thespian Sonu Nigam, who is assured a unfolding can change overnight if a height lends support. “Things can change overnight for eccentric strain with usually one thing… a day radios start personification eccentric music. Radios don’t play a indie songs only.

“The day they start personification them, observant ‘this strain is good’, a listeners will fasten on to them,” Sonu pronounced here on Sunday. The renouned singer, who has spent over 25 years in a film industry, had progressing come adult with eccentric albums like “Deewana” and “Mausam” with a former’s pretension lane and a latter’s strain “Bijuria” being hits.

At a MTV India Music Summit here, Sonu reasoned that a radio has maybe stopped compelling indie marks due to being “over-enamoured” by Bollywood. “And Bollywood, that too is usually about actors, actresses and films. Music is a partial of cinema. When someone says this film has done Rs 150 crore, is there anyone who talks about how most a strain has made?

“How many times does radio support it? They usually do an talk with a artist maybe… and radios have indeed taken divided a business. Earlier, if we listened ‘Deewana’, it didn’t need publicity. The open went on a possess to find it.

“Radio has taken divided that right from you. Because of radios, we don’t buy CDs. Earlier, we used to buy CDs and cassettes. But since radio stations are there, we feel if there are 7 options, during slightest one will have something decent to listen to.”

Sonu stressed that “radio owes it to” eccentric strain and artistes. “It has finished eccentric strain in India.” When thespian Jasbir Jassi prodded: “I consider a supervision can do something”, Sonu quipped: “It’s too late in a priorities. Right now, Swachh Bharat is everything. Swachh Music is not a priority.”

He combined a day radio — that has a “lot of power” — gives due credit to writers and composers, promotes “good songs”, “singles will start working”.

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