Sonam Kapoor on changing her name after marriage: Anand has also altered his name though nobody wrote about that

sonam kapoor anand ahuja images sonam kapoor anand ahuja images Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja got married on May 8.

A few days after restraining a tangle with Delhi-based conform businessman Anand Ahuja, Sonam Kapoor done her coming as a L’Oreal Paris code envoy during Cannes Film Festival 2018. In this interview, a National Award-winning actor talks about how work doesn’t change after marriage, changing her name and relocating to London.

Sonam truly slayed it during Cannes 2018. She opted for a monumental lehenga dress from Ralph and Russo for her initial red runner walk, while donning her matrimony mehendi. The actor afterwards went with a summer desirous bare Vera Want couture robe for her second outing.

About her Cannes appearances and dresses, a actor said, “I am only wearing things that we like to wear. we don’t consider what people are meditative about me and what they say. we only wish to be myself and that’s what younger girls brand with too.”

sonam kapoor demeanour during cannes 2018sonam kapoor demeanour during cannes 2018 Sonam Kapoor strikes a poise during a red runner for a photographers. (Photo: L’oreal Paris India/Twitter)

Sonam Kapoor took no time to get behind to work. About walking a Cannes red runner for a initial time as Mrs Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, she said, “It is a same. There is no difference. Your life doesn’t change that most (after marriage). Women need to stop meditative that way. Work is going to stay a same, hopefully.”

sonam kapoor during cannes 2018sonam kapoor during cannes 2018 Sonam Kapoor poses for photographers during a 71st general film festival, Cannes. (Photo by AP)

Sonam tied a tangle with Anand Ahuja in a normal Sikh rite on May 8 and faced some critique for changing her name shortly after a wedding. On this, a Neerja actor pronounced that she is a feminist in each clarity and that changing her name is her choice alone.

She said, “I have always pronounced that we am a feminist. we have a choice to change my name to what we wish to. Kapoor is also my father’s name. So it is a man’s name anyway. we chose to keep both. Anand has also altered his name though nobody wrote about that. we only motionless to do it on amicable media since that’s my height to contend that we have done a choice. It is my personal choice. Nobody put a gun to my head. You should ask him (Anand). He has also altered his name and motionless to supplement something as well.”

sonam kapoor instagram sonam kapoor instagram Sonam Kapoor altered her name to Sonam K Ahuja on amicable media.


anand ahuja instagram anand ahuja instagram Anand Ahuja has now altered his name to Anand S Ahuja on Instagram.

Sonam Kapoor afterwards continued how, as a feminist, one has to honour women’s right to choice. She said, “I am a loyal feminist. we trust in my choice. My father or his family have not asked me to do anything. we have motionless to do it myself. we never asked my father to do it. He did it himself.”

“The whole thought of feminism is to have equal opportunities and a choice to do what we wish to do. So, either we wish to or do not wish to change my name is my personal choice”, she added.

Sonam also spoke about a significance of usurpation Anand’s family as her possess post marriage. She said, “If we can give honour to your father, we can give that same honour to your husband. It’s a cyclical thing that needs to mangle somewhere. we wish to be a partial of Anand’s family and he is a partial of my family as well. It’s a difficult contention though this is my choice. Somebody judging me for my choice is not what feminism stands for.”

sonam kapoor anand ahuja matrimony photossonam kapoor anand ahuja matrimony photos Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja tied a tangle in Mumbai on May 8.

The 32-year-old actor also privileged a atmosphere about reports observant she will be changeable to London with her husband.

“I am already vital half here and half there (London). In final dual years, nobody beheld that we am always in London. we am there for 5 months and we am here in Mumbai for a rest. My life had not altered and what was function for a final few years will continue to be a same”, she concluded.

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