Somebody Wanted Kris Jenner To Be The Next Alabama Senator…

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Momager, existence TV star, United States Senator??

Yes, we listened us right!

Earlier this month, Alabama hold an choosing to fill Jeff Sessions‘ chair in a Senate after he became a United States Attorney General.

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On Thursday, a southern state expelled a names of a 23,000 write-in possibilities (SEE HERE), and Kris Jenner indeed perceived one vote!

If a 62-year-old could run a KarJenner empire, because can’t she paint an whole state? (We kid, we kid.)

As seen on Twitter:

Other famous names who perceived votes embody Ellen DeGeneres, Tim Gunn, Scooby-Doo, and Kermit a Frog.

On December 12, Democrat Doug Jones won a competition opposite indicted child molester Roy Moore.

Watch your back, Donald Trump!

[Image around Guillermo Proano/WENN.]

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