Somalia al-Shabab: African Union bottom underneath attack

A Ugandan infantryman patrols a behind travel in a southern city of Merka, 90km north of Somalias collateral Mogadishu, on 17 Jul 2016.Image copyright

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AU soldiers come from opposite a continent

Islamist militants have launched a gun and explosve conflict on an African Union (AU) peacekeeper bottom in Somalia.

Al Shabab fighters detonated dual automobile bombs outward a bottom in a city of Bulamarer, south-west of Mogadishu.

Local residents contend they listened complicated exchanges of gunfire that lasted some-more than 3 hours.

It is misleading accurately how many people died in a conflict though both sides contend many people died as AU and Somali infantry shielded a base.

A orator for a Somali inner confidence ministry, Abdulaziz Ali Ibrahim Xildhiban, told a BBC some-more than 20 al-Shabab militants had been killed.

“They were not means to benefit entrance [to] a base,” he said. “We have seized a lot of ammunition and other weapons.”

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The AU is a pan-African organisation with 54 member nations whose idea is assent and wealth opposite a continent.

In new years, a Islamist militants have mislaid control of many of Somalia’s civic areas.

But they frequently erupt bombs in a collateral Mogadishu and spasmodic conflict peacekeepers.