Sofia Vergara got bangs (trauma) for her 45th birthday: adore it or hatred it?

New haircut 😁gracias !!#kellyklain💇🏽

A post common by Sofia Vergara (@sofiavergara) on Jul 8, 2017 during 8:56pm PDT

I know that my bangs-hatred is not a many renouned opinion on a internet. There are a lot of bangs-defenders and bangs-apologists in a world. For my part, I’ve attempted to assuage my bangs loathing over a years, and we entirely acknowledge that there are SOME women – not many, though some – who demeanour good-to-great with bangs. we would disagree that there are some women who have a face to lift off certain hairstyles some-more than others, and for a many part, women who do demeanour good with bangs will tend to demeanour good with any hairstyle.

So, where does my bangs-hatred take me this week? Sofia Vergara generally “stays in her lane,” style-wise. She frequency changes adult her demeanour – her hair is customarily possibly a middle brownish-red with highlights, or a lighter brownish-red with highlights. Her impression is generally prom-tastic, like a diversion uncover hostess. She favors body-con to sack-dresses and when in doubt, she’d rather go glam and sparkly. It works for her. But she motionless to change it adult for her 45th birthday, that was Monday. Sofia got bangs. Should we call these “bangs trauma” or are they only ho-hum bangs, conjunction awful nor awesome?

The thing is… we consider a bangs were a bad thought for Sofia, though we mostly consider that since she doesn’t unequivocally demeanour like herself, and we consider that’s bad branding for Sofia. She looks SO opposite with a bangs and a darker hair. we have to acknowledge it though… she looks younger? Like, she looks like a immature Real Housewife. The Real Housewives of Bogota? we would watch that.

Sofia also did a “style inspo” Instagram where “she compared her demeanour to a illusory impression La Chilindrina from a Mexican strike show, El Chavo de Ocho.”

I stole her look😂#lachilindrina😍

A post common by Sofia Vergara (@sofiavergara) on Jul 9, 2017 during 3:45pm PDT

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