Snapchat purebred with Russian regulator ‘unknowingly’

The trademark of messaging app Snapchat is seen during a counter during TechFair LA, a record pursuit fair, in Los Angeles, California,Image copyright

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Snapchat has been purebred with a Russian regulator

Snapchat’s primogenitor association says a US messaging app has been purebred with Russia’s record regulator though a knowledge.

Snap told a BBC that a Roskomnadzor group had unilaterally put it on a register of information distributors.

The pierce means Snapchat will be compulsory to keep all messages for 6 months and make them permitted to a Russian confidence services.

Snap pronounced it had no goal of complying with a rule.

A orator for a association pronounced it had supposing “very simple hit information” to Roskomnadzor, though “not for a purpose of induction us”.

Snap is a initial Western amicable media association to find itself on a list. Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger have not been added.

Russia’s new information laws need “information placement organisers” to register with a regulator and store users’ information for 6 months. The mandate come into force subsequent year.

Companies contingency also palm over their encryption keys when asked, in line with Russian anti-terror legislation.

Russian sites VKontakte and RuTube have all sealed up, according to record website Gizmodo, while Telegram combined a name to a list after pressure from internal authorities.

Non-compliance comes with a risk. Chinese messaging use WeChat was blocked progressing this year, Russian website VC.Ru reported [in Russian].

Snap does not have a specific figure for Russian users, though says there are 57 million daily users in Europe as a whole.